Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

The very first photo that I purchased of Elizabeth.  I don't think she was capable of taking a bad photo but this one stood out to me as one that brought out just how stunning she was.  And it's quite fitting that she was swathed in her diamonds that she so adored.

Like everyone else today, I woke up to the news of Elizabeth's passing.  Although she had been so ill as of late I knew how tough she was and has always been so the news came as a shock.  Losing a true Hollywood star is never easy and like most of you this loss is particularly sad.  I know there will be many paying tribute to her over the next few days and her films will be re-aired so I will sit here and remember her in my own way, knowing that she brought so much happiness to so many and her talent and beauty will live on forever through film.  

The world has lost a true humanitarian, Hollywood has lost a great treasure and all of us who loved Elizabeth feel we have lost so much more.  

Maggie the Cat, you have found peace today but thank you for leaving us with so many wonderful memories.  We are much better off for having you grace us with your presence.  I'm eternally grateful.  

Elizabeth with her dear friend, Rock Hudson in a scene from "Giant" 1956 (I feel she was never more beautiful than during this period of her career).

Elizabeth's last interview with Bazaar from February 2011 can be found HERE.  A very interesting and insightful interview with Elizabeth that I hope everyone will take the time to read.

Godspeed to Elizabeth's family and friends,


  1. I never really was a fan of Elizabeth Taylor, the actress. However, I do believe she was one of the most beautiful women ever to come out of Hollywood. She will be missed.

  2. i loved her!!she was soo extraordinary both in private and in dont se that anymore in actresses or in movies..i dont know why..yes we will miss her!!

    thanx Page for a great blog you have and leading me into all your great friends that has sooo much good to watch!!I come daily just to watch your updates..and it is soo nice to hear other comment on good movies..thanx and wish you a very good evening Page!

  3. Lobosco,
    I'm glad you stopped by.

    You say the sweetest things! I'm so glad that you've been enjoying this site and the others that celebrate old Hollywood.
    I'm an emotional mess today and comments like yours aren't helping matters dear! : )

    I'm glad we can all remember Elizabeth and know that her body of work will stand the test of time in it's brilliance.

  4. What a beautiful photo to head up a lovely tribute. I enjoyed reading this--your love for Dame Elizabeth really shines through.

  5. Thank you, Page, for your tribute. I am a huge fan because she was brilliant in her best roles, and she had many. And she was a great humanitarian, and I admire her so much for that.

  6. What a gorgeous picture of her at the top, Page! I loved your feelings about her life and death -- beautifully put. BTW, I found a picture I actually used to replace the one I originally had at the top of my post -- I know you'd like it. Thanks for your lovely tribute.

  7. Carrie, Bryan and Becks,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Elizabeth today then taking the time to comment here.

    To relate a funny story, several years ago when I first started looking for Elizabeth's autograph I had read that she really just didn't sign, not even for children so I considered finding her signature a challenge. I bought what I thought was her autograph (yrs ago before I knew what I was doing) and I opened what I thought would be an autographed photo only to discover it was a facsimile!) That was such a let down and a few angry emails followed before letting it go for awhile.

    Two years passed and I finally had the pleasure of buying her actual autograph which I've cherished since and guarded with my life! Ha Ha It meant so much to me as it always will. One tiny second of a legends life and something tangible to hold on to as I think about Elizabeth and all the joy she brought to me and the rest of us.

  8. Page - That is one of the most stunning photos I've ever seen of Elizabeth Taylor (I posted a favorite b&w of her on my blog). But I agree, in her heyday there was no such thing as a bad picture of her. My favorites of her films are from the 1950s, especially "A Place in the Sun." However, in the '60s, she and Burton were sublime together in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" - only sour note was that they both deserved Oscars but only she won.

  9. Thank you Page..i enjoy reading all you do..and your great friends!!:))

  10. Eve,
    I'm glad you liked that photo. Eventually I'll have it framed and matted with her autograph. So much to do and so little time. Ha Ha
    I really liked the photo you chose of her for your blog. She really could carry off the really short hair well.

    It's hard for me to pick a favorite Taylor film but I adore Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Her and Paul playing off of one another was pure magic. I just love Father of the Bride too. Perhaps because of the amazing cast then Elizabeth was delightful as the nervous bride.
    I certainly agree that Burton should have taken home the Oscar that year. The film made me nervous because I kept thinking we were actually getting a glimpse into a REAL night at the Burton/Taylor household. Sandy Dennis was great in that film to. I'm glad she won her Oscar for that role. I laugh today when I think of her facial expressions while those two go at it.