Monday, March 25, 2013

Milliners Invade Hollywood Is Back!

Our favorite classic stars in fashionable hats are back...Our beloved and brutally honest, Shirley Temple is also back as my co-host so brace yourselves.

Wendy Barrie looks quite mysterious here but fabulous. Shirley: "She's clearly hiding from Charles Laughton! He was a menace and he's been out for revenge ever since Henry VIII. The rumor is she told him to lay off of thirds at the Kraft service table during filming." 

Shirley, let's talk about this hat. It's quite cute. Shirley: "It's very Marjorie Main but it's hard to focus because I feel like I'm going to be punched by Ivan Shreve at any moment. This is clearly a set up on an adorable child with very high powered attorneys on retainer!"

Greta Garbo is making a statement here! Shirley: "A bellhop mugged a rich lady that clearly wore a size 0 dress! That's the statement. She should be in jail!"

Dorothy Lamour looks like she's having fun here. Shirley: "I can't prove it but I think she's making fun of Audrey here!"  Clutching my pearls!

What do you think of Marlene Dietrich's traveling clothes? Shirley: "She's one pair of slacks away from being Cary Grant's next wife!"

Paulette Goddard and high fashion are a match made in heaven. Shirley: " Fashion? Before the witness protection program she showed up with her face behind netting until Charlie Chaplin was sent off to Switzerland. Not effective, and damn Herbert Hoover, but at least she gave it a try!"   Harsh, Shirley! Go spank yourself.

Olivia de Havilland has left me speechless! Shirley: "Somewhere Joan Fontaine is giggling into her gin fizzy!" So am I! We need to move on from this and Olie's bad decision.

Loretta Young is just so beautiful! Shirley: "Yes, she was a saint who wore things like this when she wasn't in her nuns habit." You're baiting me now Shirley and I don't have the time or the need to spoil your view of Loretta. It's late and well, she was just like a nun but when you get time please Google Ms Young!

Lois Maxwell is here to give us some high fashion. Shirley: "I need to go back and watch a few of her films. For some reason I think she's hiding a cauliflower ear. Why else would any sane or working actress wear this?"

I'm all about beaded hats and Kay Johnson is rocking the latest in fashion here. Shirley: "Kay is teaching us a lesson here. When you have a square face, don't wear a square hat! And why would she volunteer to be photographed in that light with that mug? Somewhere Bela Lugosi is crying in fear!"  Have you not seen Theda Bara? 

Ida Lupino looks swell in her sombrero. Shirley: "So did Lupe Velez and we all know what happened to her!"

Joan Crawford had a birthday yesterday so be kind to her for once. Shirley: "I can't even mention the fact that her finger nails look like weapons?" Nope! 

I hope you enjoyed this look back at our glamorous stars and if you want to write to Shirley, please don't fill my email inbox with hate mail. Oh, and please leave a comment on these fabulous hats.

See ya soon!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quiet On The Set! Part: I've Lost Count

If you're ready, let's have another look at our fabulous stars on set between filming.

Betty Hutton grabs a quick cup of coffee in her dressing room.

Cyd Charisse gives us a glimpse of those perfect gams as she takes a break.

Greer Garson and George Cukor get the crew together for an impromptu game of cards.

Joan Collins brings out her inner Jayne Mansfield. (She's gonna need a bigger stool!)

Elizabeth Taylor warms up in her dressing room on the set of "A Date With Judy" 1948

Isa Miranda and Nigel Bruce look over their lines on the set of  "Adventure In Diamonds" 1940

Anita Louise finds a quiet spot on the beach to study her lines.

Ann Margaret has some fun on the 20th Century Fox backlot.

Alice Faye and Rudy Vallee relax on the set of "George White's Scandal" 1934

Ann Miller with producer, Michael Kraike on the set of "Eadie Was a Lady" 1945

Ann Blyth smiles for the cameras as she studies "The Student Prince" script in her dressing room. (1954)

Lauren Bacall and Robert Stack get direction from Jean Negulesco on the set of "The Gift of Love" 1958

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford pose with their younger versions. Actresses, Julie Allred and Gina Gillespie on the set of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" 1962

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I hope you're having a great day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What Have You Been Watching?

I know it's that time of year when the snow starts melting so we have the urge to get out of the house or if we're really motivated,  we start our Spring cleaning.

Well, if you've been stuck indoors due to the weather or if you've decided to watch a few movies or TV shows during this time, I would love to know what you've been watching.  I'm sure the next thing you want to know is what I've been watching. Oh, you weren't?  Hmmm I'm gonna tell ya anyway.  ( I really wish I could see all of your 'thrilled faces' right now!)

A film that I happened upon that I want to discuss today is "Changeling" from 2008. (Yes, I've seen a lot of films recently, mostly those that were nominated for Oscars but they've been discussed to death already. So I went back a few years for something interesting late one night.)  "Changeling" takes place in Los Angeles during 1928. Focusing on the disappearance of a little boy, and his mothers plight as she searches for him while taking on a corrupt and out of control, LAPD.

We can all agree that Clint Eastwood is a brilliant director and he's up to the task once again with "Changeling". The sets, clothing, dialogue are spot on for that era as he tackles a true story. An actual murder case and the events that surrounded it while a single mother searches for her missing boy. Plus, you have to give Eastwood credit for taking on this true story, these horrific crimes that threw southern California into chaos and unimaginable fear during the late 20s and early 30s. He tells the story in a very respectful way, without shoving gore and graphic details at us.

Jolie plays the desperate mother, Christine Collins. Even though it's hard to 'dress her down' to look like a working class mother, she was pretty believable as the film takes a disturbing turn, she winds up in an asylum where she's muzzled. Then there's John Malkovich who plays a tenacious preacher who makes it his life mission to take down the LAPD while helping Jolie's character get to the bottom of what happened to her son.

I haven't been crazy about most of the roles Jolie has taken on in the past few years. (I'm still angry about sitting through "The Tourist") but due to the subject matter. (It's based loosely on the true story of the serial killer, Gordon Northcott who kidnapped young boys and took them to a chicken farm in Riverside , CA in 1928.  The case was best known as the Wineville, Chicken Coop Murders.) I gravitate to true crime stories and when there's a great director behind the project who's very particular about getting every detail right, you can count me in. Of course, the icing is the fact that it takes place during my favorite era, The Roaring Twenties.

I won't give all of the plot away in case you haven't seen "Changeling" but I'll give you some screen grabs of this beautifully done film. If you haven't seen it, hopefully it will entice you to give it a try.

Even with the opening credits, I know Eastwood is on top of his game. 

 I could watch this film over and over just for a feel for what LA was like during the 1920s. The only thing that's distracting is how gorgeous Jolie is even while dressed down and on her way to work as a supervisor of a telephone company. (I know, she can't help it! And please don't think I'm implying that working women aren't beautiful because they absolutely are.)

We even get Jolie and other operators on roller skates and several scenes of those wonderful old switchboards. 

Being a telephone operator looks hard!  I'm not sure what operators used to make but hopefully it was a lot. 

Clint's daughter, Morgan Eastwood, gets a cameo. (on the right) She looks just like her mother! The neighborhood is turned on it's head when a little boy goes missing. 

Perfection! Loving the view of the old LAPD headquarters in the background. I can imagine it looking just like this during 1928. 

Jeffrey Donovan does a great job as the corrupt and smarmy police captain. 

I would wear that hat and coat. Shoot, I would even find room for that velvet couch. 

We don't run into our serial killer played by Jason Harner until about half way into the film. After Jolie's character is institutionalized for questioning the LAPD and their motives for giving her a different little boy. This guy is a level 12 creepy.

One of the good guys in the LAPD finds his way to the chicken farm. (The film doesn't really go into great detail, everything that occurred here in 1928.) Focusing mostly on the Christine Collins storyline of her missing boy and the LAPD cover-up. Everything does tie in at the end though so I'm satisfied. 

*After I saw the film I went to Wiki to read up on every person portrayed in the film. It's a horrifying story and quite shocking. You can get all of the details of the case by clicking HERE

It takes a lot to stand up to the LAPD but she fights the good fight.

 Christine is put through hell thanks to the LAPD. We also realize, through her stay in the asylum, that the LAPD threw anyone who defied them, went against their corrupt agenda in there as well. It's scary to think that this actually went on during that time.

Malkovich and his finger waves kick some ass. Another genius decision by Clint to cast him as Reverend Briegleb. A major thorn in the LAPD's side.

We get a glimpse of the trial of Gordon Northcott and then the hearing on LAPD corruption which took place due to one detective who tied the Wineville murders into the Christine Collins case.

Both of the little boys who played Walter were great although you want to ring this one's neck.

Eastwood gives us another glimpse of the Chicken Coop Murders trial. 

Another chilling moment in the film comes when Christine visits Northcott in prison. 

There's a few more twists and turns but I won't give anything else away. 

One last shot of Eastwood's, 1920s Los Angeles.


"Changeling" was actually nominated for 3 Oscars for Best Achievement in Art Direction, Best Achievement in Cinematography and then Best Actress for Angelina Jolie. All well deserved nods.

Hillary Swank and Reese Witherspoon both lobbied for the role of Christine Collins but Eastwood went with Jolie at the suggestion of Executive Producer, Ron Howard.

Some of the scenes were filmed at the San Bernardino Train Station.

This was Eastwood's first time working at Universal since making "In the Line of Fire" in 1993 due to the Eiger Sanction.

There are several details left out of the film, such as the boy who was found alive at the chicken farm being part of the kidnapping of other young boys. Of course the film doesn't touch upon Northcott's mother and her role in the murders either. The original version of "Changeling" ran another 50 minutes but two major scenes were cut from the released version.

An episode of the television show "Dragnet" titled The Big Imposter was based on the Wineville Chicken Farm murders.

The actual town in California where the murders occurred, changed it's name from Wineville to Mira Loma due to negative publicity from the events.

Episode 93 of the television show, Criminal Minds also highlights the murder case.

Have you seen "Changeling"? If you have I hope you'll share your thoughts here. If you've seen some good films recently that you want to chat about, or a few films you want to recommend, then have at it in the comment section. We're always up for some good movie chat and suggestions around here. (Anything to postpone Spring cleaning!)

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fabulous In Fur is Back!

It's time for more of our fabulous stars in their stylish and some, not so stylish furs.

Deanna Durbin opts for a simple fur wrap and some nice jewels.

Marlene Dietrich is perfection in her short fur and evening gown.

Dolores Del Rio is divine in her floor length fur with over sized collar.

Gail Patrick drapes herself in white mink.

Jean Harlow has never looked more glamorous. Showing a bit of attitude too.

Jeannette MacDonald has a bit of fun in white with some black trim.

Gypsy Rose Lee shows off the latest fashion.

I'm just not feeling Paulette Goddard's ensemble here. Regardless if your fur is short sleeved, it just doesn't fit with open toed heels and a floral sun dress. 

A young, Rosalind Russell poses in a wool coat with leopard fur trim.

Lana Turner must be going somewhere cold as she waves to her fans. 

Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, attend their movie premiere in fur stoles over gorgeous evening gowns. 

Maureen O'Hara shows off her perfect gams and white mink stole as she gets ready to depart on a trip.

Za Za Gabor, gives us a quick smile.

Margaret Sullivan is a goddess in white mink.

Thanks for joining me for another look at our favorite classic stars in fur. If you have a favorite, or have any thoughts on these fashions, please let us know.

See ya soon!