Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stars And Their Fabulous Cars

Hi, everyone!
It's not quite cold enough to break out my winter series even though I know all of you are just clamoring to hear from Shirley again. ha ha

For now, lets have a quick look at our favorite classic stars, showing off their large and expensive cars. It was all about status and putting your hard earned money into something you could show off to prove you had finally made it.

Rita Moreno poses in her '53 Packard.

Spencer Tracy, proudly shows off his '41 Chevy Woodie Wagon.

A young, Norma Shearer gets chauffeured around in her four door sedan.

Tyrone Power in front of his home with his '35 Duesenberg.

Una Merkel shows off her sedan on the studio lot.

Mamie Van Doren strikes a pose while washing her two door convertible.

Lupe Velez looks quite proud of her new car.

Rita Hayworth next to her '47 Lincoln

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous fall weather. Maybe in your own classic car or fabulous wheels. 
See ya soon!

Friday, October 4, 2013

What Have You Been Watching?: Part Two

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry for the delay in getting Part Two up. But this is pretty good timing since I'll be covering the rest of the shows that I watched over the summer while most of my favorite shows were on hiatus.

When getting my screen grabs together I realized that like last time, most of these take place long ago. Perhaps it's that I enjoy the costumes, architecture, set designs and of course there is the fact that the writing is pretty damn good as well.

The first show that I watched over the summer is Call The Midwife. Another fantastic show brought to us by PBS. It's now in its second season but unfortunately I don't think it airs here in the states. Although, it might be available via Netflix if you're interested in watching it. Filming will begin soon for its 3rd season, airing in early 2014.

The show focuses on a group of midwives in London during the 1950s. From the nuns at the church where the midwives live to the girls themselves, they all have such hilarious moments and of course there are so many touching moments when the girls go out and care for the expectant mothers across London and its poorer outskirts.

Where Magic City (below) shows us the glamorous side of the 50s with posh hotels, mansions and the 24 hour parties, this one delves into how so many families struggled right after the war and all of the hardships they endured day to day during the 50s, abroad.

Working as an RN for so many years and during the three years that I worked NICU, I attended and assisted with a lot of high risk deliveries but I must say these girls are incredible with their nerves of steel and their ability to deliver babies under the worst circumstances imaginable. Just one of many reasons to love this show. The entire cast is likable and you root for them and everyone they come across as they go about their jobs.

 The girls make their way out to care for the expectant mothers via old bicycle and they navigate their way on broken down, cobblestone streets. That's dedication! Jessica Raine shown here plays, Jenny Lee.

 Miranda Hart plays Chummy Browne. She's hilarious and so endearing as she fumbles her way through her first year as a midwife and her first time catching a mans eye.

 The girls take the night off to enjoy the cinema. (Always get tickled when they throw in a smoker to remind us that it's the 50s.)

 The nuns are a constant in their lives as they provide guidance, shelter and their expertise. Usually with a strong hand.

 When not visiting expectant mothers they can be found at the Church run clinic where the women get their prenatal care.  (I just noticed that little girls hair to the left. What in the world? So funny!)

 The typical home of these expectant mothers. Not the most sanitary conditions to deliver a baby in.

 Another thing that Chummy is hilarious at is trying to master riding a bicycle. 

 Birthing babies!

The girls even find time for a bit of romance. They're all so darn cute.

The second show that I started watching over the summer was Ripper Street which is also in its second season originally airing on BBC.

 Matthew McFayden plays Det. Insp. Edmund Reid. If he looks familiar to you, he played Tom Quinn in the hit BBC series MI-5 from 2002-2011. A great actor who fits the role of detective on the hunt for the Ripper perfectly.

 The show takes place during 1889 in the Whitechapel area of London and straight away we're exposed to the Ripper's work.

 You really do get the feel of the late 1800s as BBC does their period dramas like no other. Top notch!

Adam Rothenberg plays Captain Homer Jackson. Really interesting character. They've cast this one perfectly. Everyone in the lead roles are quite likable and you're drawn in immediately. (Of course we all know that Jack the Ripper was never caught though so there is that one negative on how the show will eventually end unless they wrap it up with their own identity.)

 Another shot of the detail.

Plenty of seedy and twisted characters in this series. I won't spoil anything but overall it's a must see, really enjoyable show if you like this type of drama. There is nudity and of course violence just to give you a warning. Of course that is to be expected with a show based on the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

Another show that just wrapped up its second season and this one airs via STARZ, is Magic City. I really love this one. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Danny Huston are stand outs in the series which takes place during the 1950s in Miami, Florida. It's centered around the hotel that Anderson's character,  Ike Evans owns and runs while trying to get out from under the grip of Huston's character, The Butcher. A very nasty and cruel mobster. Lots of action, violence and depravity in this one. It's not for the weak at heart if you try to stay away from violence on TV. I would compare it to Boardwalk Empire in that respect.  

 Jeffery Dean Morgan as hotel owner, Ike Evans in the series. (Very easy on the eyes!)

 Danny Huston plays The Butcher. He really was made to play bad guys. Ruthless but you get reeled in quickly and you can't wait to see what that crazy fool will do next.

 Kelly Lynch plays Evan's ex sister-in-law, Meg Bannock. A wealthy and connected, Miami socialite.  If you enjoy Mad Men, you certainly get that feel with this show with the scenery, props and amazing costumes. I was pretty impressed that STARZ has really stepped up its game with this one.

 The Butcher resides behind these gates. Lots of debauchery going on in that estate. (Lots of gorgeous mansions and of course classic cars for all of you automobile fans like myself.)

 Ike Evan's sons played by Christian Cooke and Steven Strait. One works for the D.A.s office which is after his father and the other one is rebellious and living life on the edge. 

 The Butcher and his promiscuous wife, enjoy a day by the hotel pool. (Love the colors and of course the 50s bathing suits.)

 The beautiful Olga Kurylenko plays Ike's feisty second wife, Vera. A former, Havana showgirl.  Every one of her costumes are fab and I would so wear each and every one of them today!

 A lot of back and forth between these two as they argue over the hotel and Ike's mob problems. While looking stylish and put together at all times.

 James Caan and his wandering eyebrows are on S2. He plays the main mob boss out of Chicago, Sy Berman.

 The Butcher even treats his loyal houseboy to an impromptu stabbing for the heck of it.

A time when you could smoke on your direct flight to Havana, Cuba.

I was going to include the remake of Upstairs Downstairs here but I think I'll add it to my next post on TV viewing which will include the new show on Showtime, Ray Donovan, Copper. among a couple more gems.

Have you seen any of the shows that I discussed here? Do any of them look interesting to you?  Lastly, please share with the rest of us what you've been watching since my last post on summer TV viewing.

Thanks so much for being patient with me lately and continuing to stop by and comment.

All the best and Happy Fall!