Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabulous In Fur Is Back

My apologies for leaving my loyal readers waiting for a new post. I shall do my best to insure this blog stays current going forward.
As the weather dips down into the teens tonight I realized I haven't done my Fabulous In Fur series once this winter and here it is February. That's a crime.
Well, a fashion crime anyway.

Lets not waste any more time and get right into our favorite classic stars sporting fur back when it was not only fashionable but the norm. (Again, my apologies to PETA.)

Barbara Stanwyck's a dream in white. (I bet that's the look she gave Robert Taylor when she wanted him to come closer, a lot closer.)

The glamorous Lauren Bacall stays warm with a mink stole and Bogey on her arm. She certainly does look annoyed but then again this was her usual expression so who can tell.

Frances Dee is very chic in a fur striped jacket.

Sophia Loren, always stylish opts for shearling with fur trim.

Rosalind Russell, always a good sport, shows off her floor length, lined cape. (Is it just me or does that bamboo coffee table stick out like a sore thumb? They couldn't spring for cherry or even something with beveled glass?)

The stunning, Paulette Goddard poses at her Hollywood Home. I can't imagine needing a fur and a jacket in southern California any time of the year but who am I to question celebrities and their body temperature.

Marilyn Monroe seems to be having a moment. Bless her heart and that wrap. 

Lucille Ball, just as beautiful without makeup, steps out in a mink coat.

Silent actress, Peggy Hopkins Joyce is working the chinchilla trimmed gown. (If only there were footage of her walking off set in that thing.)

No fur post would be complete without Elizabeth Taylor making an appearance in one of her many fur coats and a beard. 

Wherever you are I hope you're staying warm and having a wonderful 2015 so far. I'll see you soon for more fur, fashion and continued bios and Hollywood homes throughout 2015.
Thanks for stopping by!