Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Chills: Where To Find Them.

I know I mentioned that I was going to do a Halloween post on Vampires and their evolution on film but once I did some research and discovered that not only have there been 266 Vampire films made since Nosferatu, I haven't seen about 90% of them. (Sorry Twilight kids, I'm going in a different direction!)  The one good thing that came out of my intentions was sitting down and watching a two hour special that ran on The History Channel recently about Prince Vlad Dracul III.

Moving forward I still wanted to do a Halloween post and since I saw Paranormal Activity 3 (which was going to be my one scary film during Halloween week) I had decided to discuss it but there was one problem. I didn't find the film scary and it was actually a big disappointment after seeing the first two in the series and loving both.  When you go into a film knowing it will be a prequel to the first two you expect answers and feeling like you can go back and watch the first two one day, having all of the missing puzzle pieces in place.  Not so! I just feel like I did after seeing the first season of LOST, well except that PA3 lacked decent writers, and a good plot.  Perhaps others will feel differently about it so I won't include any spoilers here.

Okay, I'm now running out of post ideas and it's October 29th but I found myself watching a Bravo special which showed the Top 15 Scarier Movie Moments.  Still wanting to find at least one scary film to watch over Halloween weekend, I paid close attention to the clips.  Three films in particular peeked my interest and they were at the top 5 of the scariest. Hmmm, do I dare watch any of these? I'm feeling pretty brave these days for some reason.

Now, I stay away from slasher films at all costs but the three films that caught my eye were "Maniac" (1980) which is about a serial killer who runs around New York on a murderous rampage.  The second film was "Frailty" (2001) which follows the story of two boys during the mid-70's after their crazy father starts getting orders from God to kill demon's.  The last one and the one at the top of the 'scariest film' list was "Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer" (1986)  Loosely based on real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his equally depraved sidekick Otis Toole.

Did I choose "Maniac" (looks terrifying)?

Frailty (which had an all star cast)

Or did I lose my mind completely and watch "Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer"?

So which of these super scary films did I decide to watch if any? First, let me say that I asked Nate from Forgotten Classic of Yesteryear his opinion since he watches a lot of scary movies and he had actually seen "Maniac" and "Henry".  To put it simply he said "I wouldn't watch any of them!"  Well, now I was even more intrigued so I went and read several reviews for "Henry" specifically.  When a reviewer writes things like "It made me physically ill", It's one of those things that once you've seen it, you can never un-see it", but the description that came up the most was "DISTURBING"!

I thought about it for at least 24 hours but in the end I watched both "Frailty" and "Henry". Dunn Dunn Dun. Now, let me just say that I've been reading books on True Crime for quite a few years and I enjoy all of the true crime show on television so "Henry" caught my interest for that reason. It was loosely based on serial killer Henry Lucas, as I stated earlier. My heart was racing before I even started the film and I honestly expected to have to turn it off within a couple of minutes.  I didn't and I actually watched the film twice. I know, I'm strange!  Perhaps graphic images don't bother me due to many years of working in the ER and being exposed to some very traumatic injuries. I know it sounds crass but eventually you get desensitized to it.  Of course patients don't jump out at you wielding machetes though. At least not in my experiences.

The lead is played by then unknown actor and Chicago native, Michael Rooker with Tom Towles playing Otis and Tracy Arnold playing the very flawed Becky, Otis's younger sister.  The film was written by Richard Fire and John McNaughton and Directed by McNaughton. Made on a shoe string budget of $100,000 in and around Chicago, it feels like a documentary, using the cinema verite style works very well for this film.  I'll give you my take on the film but fair warning, the film is not for the squeamish and the scenes are graphic. Also, this is not a snarky review.

The musical score is chilling and it fits, gives the viewer a warning that something really bad is going to happen.  And in the first few scenes we see dead bodies splayed out in water, in tall grass, different places all while Henry is shown driving around Chicago in his clunker of a car.  Even though we don't see Henry actually kill any of these people, it's understood that he's been very busy when not working his menial job or getting drunk on cheap beer in his seedy little walk up apartment.

Henry has no motive or pattern, he just kills at random which is why he was able to escape capture. A typical day in the Chicago streets.

Henry! You've passed this guy on the street day after day. He's worked on your car, chatted with you in line at the grocery store. You might even live next door to him right now.

You just don't know he's a monster because you've never had the misfortune of being in his path on that one night of the week that he feels the urge to kill.

While you and I spend our free time doing something like watching a movie or gardening, Henry spends his days stalking his future victims. (Her husband came outside so she lived a couple more days)

Sometimes it's as easy as driving along a lonely highway where an unsepecting hitchhiker falls into your lap.

Henry doesn't live alone. He lives in a cramped little apartment with Otis, a disgusting little creeper that he met in prison. Otis's little sister shows up after she leaves her abusive husband and little girl. She's damaged goods. I like her immediately but I feel very uncomfortable watching her brother make sexual advances towards her. 

This one makes my skin crawl and he's not even the psychotic serial killer!

Henry is emotionally dead after surviving a childhood of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his prostitute mother. His stint in prison was for killing her.  

As the film progresses we see Becky develop feelings for Henry, most likely because she's so flawed, terrorized by her brother and in need of protection but Henry isn't capable of reciprocating her feelings or sexual advances.  The film takes an even darker turn when the two guys pick up a couple of hookers and Henry, without provocation snaps both of their necks then dumps them both in a heap in the back of a filthy alley.  This sparks something in Otis who looks up to Henry.  He gets tips on how to avoid getting caught (they're both on probation after all) before finding a random motorist to shoot.  

In one scene the two wind up looking to buy a new television from a back alley salesman who winds up dead in the cruelest way.  

They acquire a video camera which sets up the most disturbing scene in the movie. After they break in to a families home, brutally killing the family after violating the wife (all while videotaping their horrific crime), they then play the murders back over and over from their couch at home.  

Not long after and a couple of murderous nights later, Henry walks in on a drunken Otis in the process of raping his sister. A fight ensues and Otis winds up dead.  There's a pretty gruesome scene where Henry dismembers Otis's body in the bathtub. (I'll save you the graphic images) 

Of course Becky, now on the run and completely traumatized takes off with Henry.  In a very sad scene she tells him she loves him then he responds with "I guess I love you too"

After an all night drive where Henry manages to make Becky feel safe by telling her they're headed to his sisters ranch in California where they will eventually send for her daughter, they wind up at an out of the way hotel. The next morning Henry is seen leaving alone. Eventually he stops on the side of a road.

Bone chilling music starts and we're left with this image as the film comes to an end.

I certainly understand why this film had an impact on so many. I wouldn't really categorize it as a horror film as much as a chilling thriller. In the style that it was filmed and with the very realistic killing scenes you feel like you're watching a week in the life of a serial killer.  That in itself will keep you awake at night, make you more cautious when going out alone but you'll always have that uneasiness knowing that there are serial killers just like Henry Lee Lucas walking the streets among us, killing at random.  To me THAT is what's so horrifying about this film.  

Fortunately, there was a 30 minute long interview with the director John McNaughton at the end of this copy. He talks about his style choices when making Henry as well as the casting process. When Michael Rooker came in to read for the part of Henry he was dressed in the brown coat over the blue work pants as he read for the part in character.  This startled the director a little bit but he knew immediately that Rooker was the right choice.  Also, he anticipated the film being made to go directly to VHS. It was after the film was shown at the Telluride film festival that he knew it would eventually get a theatrical release. (The film actually sat on a shelf and it wasn't released in cinemas until 1990.) McNaughton also discusses first hearing about the real life serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas and he does admit that the film is based loosely on his life after meeting up with Otis Toole. 

I'm really not sure if I should recommend this film or not for those who enjoy good thrillers because you might be one of those people who is truly traumatized and scarred by this film.  I wasn't and I'm one of the biggest scaredy cats on the planet.  All in all, I tested myself this Halloween after a wasted few hours trying to get a good scare from Paranormal Activity 3 then searching for a good film.  I'm already looking forward to next year. Going to go set my house alarm now. 
Oh, and I'll be reviewing "Frailty" at a later date. It was another really good thriller.

Happy Halloween everyone and please feel free to share what you were watching over Halloween week as well as if you've seen any of the films I mentioned. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun, Old Hollywood Style.

I decided to get my campy Halloween post up early just in case things work out and I can get my Vampire, an Evolution up this year.

Esther Williams who looks just as fabulous in hay as she does in the water.

Ann Rutherford perched atop a lot of pumpkin pies. Get to carving Missy!

Betty Grable. With legs like that who's really going to listen to her scary story?

Eva Gabor is making me itch! Please just pose with the hay and forget getting all creative.

Ida Lupino, who wants us to believe she's frightened by a Jack-O-Lantern! She did direct thrillers after all.

Janet Leigh trying her best to frighten us before everything went all Psycho. (Sorry I couldn't resist! This is Halloween camp after all)

Muriel Evans trying her best to appear terrified by a wooden prop. Really? You couldn't throw in a black cat?

Nan Grey actually has her black cat prop but sadly I think the wonky 'stars' have thrown the whole thing off.  

Rosalind Russell is a stunner on her perfectly carved pumpkin. Sometimes the prop department really did have it the easiest!

Veronica Lake who really was our most beautiful witch.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon for more Halloween madness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Many Books, So Little Time.

Vera Miles. Obviously reading is much more satisfying when you have brass ornaments to guide you. (Of course there's always the chance that you nod off and impel yourself. )

I've been trying to put more time aside for reading lately, especially with so many old celebrity bio's to write. Then there's the fact that a lot of my blogger friends are discussing their fall reading lists, upping my guilt for not tackling books that I've been putting off much too long.  Caroline at Garbo Laughs is buying antique collections which have me both jealous and interested in adding these little star profile books to my collector list. (I feel ashamed because I collect way to much as it is)  Then Cliff at Warren Williams and Immoral I Ephemera is making fancy videos of his books as they arrive in the mail.  In case you missed the video, he's reading the new Spencer Tracy and W.C. Fields bios. (The video title should have been Sorry for complicating your life Page, add a couple more titles to your list)

Just a few of the paperbacks that I need to either revisit or get to reading. The chair just isn't big enough for the hardbacks on old Hollywood and early cinema.

Now you might be asking yourself what's so difficult about picking up one of these books and reading?  Well, I blame the Kindle! A device that has made reading fun again with it's large font, beautiful blue ribbon bookmarks, being able to keep your place, the wonderful advantages of reading via a Kindle versus picking up an old paperback is endless.  I think my Amazon book wish list is now up to about 12 books. Okay, I confess that some of that list is on politics too but you get the point.  I just finished Hedy Lamarr's new bio  Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr.  So do I hold off reading Ava's new bio that a friend recommended or do I pick up one of my old paperbacks because only recent book releases are available via Kindle?

I promised Becky at Classic Becky's Brain Food that I would get to work on an Errol Flynn bio for her but I have two books on Errol, the one he wrote My Wicked, Wicked Ways (which I later found out was mostly fiction and exaggerated truths) so I bought the bio Errol Flynn: The Untold Story. I read both about 10 years ago and I've forgotten most of what I read. (Must add Ginkgo biloba AND stronger reading glasses to my shopping list)

If I remember correctly, the old bio's that I've read on Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Tyrone Power and Gloria Swanson were pretty darn boring but that's okay since I need research material. Of course if anyone knows of any recent bio's on these stars I'd be glad to add a few more books to the list.  

Oh, and to add to the problem, we have two fantastic used book stores within a couple of miles of where I live. I can walk in and find myself sitting on the floor surrounded by old books after an hour there.  

I'm really interested in hearing what everyone else has on their winter reading list as well as if anyone is interested in coming over and reading out loud to me in exchange for crazy, delicious baked goods  Oh, and if you have the voice of George Sanders that would be delightful.  I'm also interested to know if anyone else has started using the Kindle app after donating all of your old paperbacks.. (I can relate to that too as the back of my SUV is loaded down with boxes of old books (non celebrity related) that I need to drop off at a woman's shelter)

This is how blurry font looks through my eyes after about two minutes of reading paperbacks. Just another reason to love the Kindle. And for anyone not aware, you can download the FREE Kindle reading app for your PC via Amazon.  Easy breezy and incredibly fun.

Off to read and I really mean it this time, just as soon as I get all of those books out of my reading chair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the new Hedy Lamarr bio is fantastic! For anyone interested in old Hollywood and Hedy's life, do yourself a favor and add the book to your reading list. Also, FlickChick brought up a good point in the comments. The downside to reading a book via the Kindle is the fact that you don't have the wonderful copy to display, whether on your coffee table or in your vast library of cherished books. I do wish that Kindle versions would include photos too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Havin A Red Carpet Moment

As my readers know, I started this little blog just to catalog and share my old Hollywood memorabilia then something magical happened.  I was accepted into the Classic Movie Blog Association.  I've only been a member for a year now and so far it's been great fun.  I have never claimed to be a writer and I've expressed just how intimidating it is to even attempt to write an article or a review when there are so many talented writers in the CMBA.  I can compare it to wearing a burlap sack to fashion week then sitting on the front row next to everyone decked out in designer clothing.

My first review was for the Hitchcock Blogathon last year and I have to say I was such a bundle of nerves because I decided to write it in the way I feel comfortable, with snark.  I held my breath waiting to see just how my take would be excepted, fully expecting rotten heads of cabbage thrown at me along with a few side glances.  After all, classic film is dear to every member of the CMBA including myself.

A year later I'm still writing my snarky photo reviews which I really enjoy plus it's allowed me to explore films that a year ago I would have past over. Bonus, I still haven't had any rotten produce hurled at me.

Then we move ahead to the CiMBA Awards and I have to say I wasn't going to enter any article/review because I KNEW I didn't stand a chance up against such brilliant writers.  A certain someone kept encouraging me though so I threw my hat into the ring.  I must say that I am truly shocked and humbled to have won the award in the Comedy/Musical category for my review of The Women (1939) . (And to think I almost submitted my review of Ice Follies of 1939 instead.)  Also, this award means a lot to me because The Women is my mothers favorite film of all time.

Thank you everyone who voted for my review and for your constant support here at My Love of Old Hollywood.  I adore each and every one of you.  And Congratulations to all of my fellow winners and equally deserving nominees on having your own red carpet moment.

Oh, I waited to post this because I just knew the "Oops Page, I must apologize but there was a ballot mishap and you didn't actually win" email from Rick was coming.


For anyone who would like to read my review of The Women, it can be found HERE and to check out the full list of nominees and winners, read their articles just click HERE

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Invisible Ray 1936: A photo review

I've been wanting to do another pictorial review and I went back and forth between a few films before settling on this one. It caught my eye because both Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff are in it. Two of my favorite villains in very different roles. Well, Boris is still evil with Bela playing the likable hero for a change.

Bela Lugosi as Dr. Felix Benet
Boris Karloff as Dr. Janos Rukh
Frances Drake as Diane Rukh
Frank Lawton as Ronald Drake
Violet Kimble Cooper as Mother Rukh
Walter Kingsford as Sir Francis Stevens
Beulah Bondi as Lady Arabella Stevens
Director: Lambert Hilyer

We get our first glimpse of an eery castle, high on a hill. I'm going out on a limb and guessing it's occupied by either Bela or Boris's character. 

OH! It's dark and creepy. Cue the bats and eery music.

We have the mistress of the house, a dog the size of a horse and a Mother In Law who's channeling Whistler's Mother 

I might be blind but I know that daughter in law of mine is skipping around and pilfering my jewels. She might be beautiful but she's up to no good.

Diane is expecting company. Here's hoping it's an electrician so we can see what happens to her mother in law when she's exposed to light.

D: My God you're pale and wax like! MIL: Your husband is an evil scientist so don't push it. 

MIL:  Oh, good! My face is still here. My son keeps trying to test out that invisible ray contraption of his and I get the sneaking suspicion that he's been directing it at me. Diane: I love your cross necklace. Is that real gold?

MIL: Please let our guests find something about Diane that's pleasing enough so they'll take her away from here.  Get the door Diane and try to act normal.

Diane floats to the front door in her gigantic cape. If I didn't know any better I would think she's expecting Dracula because those look like courtin clothes.

We get our first glimpse of the mad scientist who's channeling Little Lord Fauntleroy, if he were to have gone off the bend after stopping for a wild perm. Boris has never looked better!

Dr, J: Why are you wearing your 'courtin cape' Diane?  Stop playing around and answer the big heavy door. I've got an invention to sell.  Diane: Well, I hope this one works because I've still got a nasty rash and a scar from your hot roller invention. You can't heat rollers, hold me down and curl my hair then expect me to get over it!

Diane: I'll go answer the door and I'll escape this hell hole the first chance I get! Just as soon as I figure out the moat, which direction is down and how to ride a horse like the wind.

Everyone smile and try to look normal. We have guests with lots of bank roll and they look pretty gullible. Who wants finger sandwiches?

Yes, this is bizarro world where Bela and Boris meet, are dressed normal, and nobody is giving the 'scary brow' or summoning bats or the dead. If they start playing Chopin and dancing around merrily I'm out of here. 

We meet Ronald and Lady Arabella who have money and a need for power. 

Diane: He's so dreamy and normal. MIL: I'm blind not deaf! Could you go stand over there where I can't smell your desperation?

Everyone heads over to Dr. J's observatory to see the invention that will make them millions. (Obviously Diane has managed to conceal her burnt scalp and rash) I'm optimistic but then I've never trusted a man with a perm so this could go either way.

Just look at these dolts! They think I have a perm but it's my hot roller invention. Who's the smart one here? Now lets get ready to kick some rays.

Dr. K: Do you think we can trust this guy?  Sir Frances: He seems trustworthy, it's his family I'm worried about. My God his mother in law is pale and that gigantic dog, I think it was once a cat. Something isn't right here and rest assured I'll never get to the bottom of it.

Ronnie: You're beautiful and I love your 8 foot long cape.  If you just had some jewelry you would be perfect!  Diane: I hear you're on your way to an expedition in Africa. Any chance I can tag along until I get past that moat and down the hill?  

Either Dr. J is experimenting with hot wax treatments or we're getting ready for some fun.  

I've seen this setup in Boris's films before and someone usually ends up dead or missing.

Ronnie: I don't feel all that comfortable behind plexi-glass when your husband is wearing an iron suit.  Diane: Just sit still and don't look directly at anything bright or retina scorching.  Lady Arabella: Will we see any animals during this show? 

This looks promising!

The gallery:  Ooooh, Awwww!

Bela: Pffft! I'm not that impressed! I can get more excitement out of squeezing my hands which summons zombies.  Ronnie: I wonder if Diane considers this a first date? Maybe they won't notice if I sneak out and lower the moat.  Lady A: If I squint I can actually see a zebra.

Brace yourselves!

Sir Francis: Did he just say "Race to the bells?"  Dr. B :  I just don't see a zebra! I think your wife is a bit batty"

The Invisible Ray has been switched into 2nd gear. We have meteors hurdling 

When Bela has a scared face it might be time to duck and cover.

They look terrified. My job is done here. 

Dr. J: That was amazing!  Diane: Dear, everyone is terrified and quite confused so why don't you turn this party around by telling them about all of the amazingly 'good' things the ray will do.  Dr. J: But I'm up to no good. Diane: Pretend dearest! I want to get out of here and you're making that difficult.  

Dr. B: We're headed to Africa to treat the sick and I would like to take you along with us. I think we can use your ray to do good things.  Dr. J.:  You do gooders must be real idiots! I mean, of course I would love to lend myself to a good cause. Excuse me while I pack up my expedition clothes and lay down the rules to my adoring wife.

These twits have no idea what my son's capable of! He might look adorable under those curls but bad things WILL happen.

Dr. J: Mother, you're talking out loud again,  just sit here and look pretty as a picture.

Just in case I have you all royally confused, here's a map. We're really saying goodbye to the dark castle and heading to Africa so get ready.

We meet up with the 'do gooders' in Africa. Of course Dr. J. has gone missing and taken his invisible ray gadget with him. I'm sure he's just making poverty and mosquitoes dissapear.

Dr. B is healing sick children which is a new direction for Bela.   I'm a bit disappointed that the studio couldn't come up with a great film for Bela and Boris but I'll take what I can get.

Diane, not used to the African heat is lethargic and sweaty. Not Lupe Velez in Kongo sweaty but she's wilting!

She spots Ronnie and perks right up! Way to be as transparent as an invisible ray Diane!

Lady A: You're playing with fire Ronald. That Dr. J. is evil and then there's the fact that he has his hands on an invisible ray.  Ronnie: Oh, I don't think he would actually use it on anyone, I mean if he did wouldn't he have used it on his mother?  I think she's pretending to be blind just so she can roam about and sidle up on people.

The pith helmet worked for Bogart and then there's the fact that I haven't wandered off to stab radioactive rocks with sharp objects so perhaps I have a shot with Diane. 

Lady Arabella: I never knew Philanthropy would be so hard and exhausting! Sir Francis: Yes, these accommodation aren't exactly five star but think of the invites we'll be getting if we make it out of here alive and not scarred by a horrible disease.

Lady A: You owe me lots of jewelry and a spa vacation.  I'm really scared that the crazy scientist is creeping around with that invisible ray, waiting to take us all out.

Sir Francis: If you can wait about 10 minutes, I've got your spa treatment right here. These leeches really do work miracles on blisters and tired feet.

We check in with Boris who's on his own expedition.  

Your first glance at the natives upon seeing the radioactive rocks! Somebody's scared S#^^#less!

Somebody came prepared to capture the radium. I bet this is where Ghost Busters got their inspiration. 

Radium is boiling up out of the hillside. Boris is going to need a bigger box and some common sense.

Isn't it beautiful? It smells like power.

Quick! Take this note to my wife. I want to let her know that I control all things good and evil before she leaves me for that loser Ronnie. 

Back at camp Ronnie awkwardly flirts with Diane over non radioactive pork.

Diane: I would love to have an affair with you but this heat has left me tired and not so fresh.  Can we just play footsies under the table through dessert then collapse in a hammock somewhere until the heat takes us?  

Diane get's word that curly top has found radioactive rock. She looks thrilled and who wouldn't be!

Ronnie: Wait, you're leaving to join your husband?  I was hoping you would stay here with me while I pay someone to invent electricity and ceiling fans. 

Our fashionable scientist is being hoisted out over the radioactive rocks. 

The hoisters look confused but dedicated.

Marie Curie thanks you for taking one for the team crazy bones.

YAY for giving crazy people chemistry sets at an early age!

It's time to test the ray out now that Dr. J. has contained a few grams of radium.

Boris looks pretty handsome here but I have a feeling it won't last. Two cheers for hot rollers and humidity!

We meet our first victim. Oh, well Africa has too many rocky cliffs anyway. Oh, wait.

I think we picked the wrong scientist to help out!  He said he was going to rid Africa of mosquitoes.

OH NO! You should have focused more on leaks in your suit instead of looking good while chipping away at radium filled rock buddy. 

He's obviously got some kinks to work out if he plans to sneak around while invisible.

Diane has arrived and she's ready to greet her husband.

She thinks hubby is giving her the cold shoulder since he won't come out of the tent.

Worst display of invisible I've ever seen on film!  The only thing worse would be seeing this after colorization.

Our glowing scientist is gathering his stuff and sneaking out the back.  I wonder if he'll attract bugs like one of those bug zappers?

Diane is left distraught and confused. She left Wawnnie who was attempting to get to 1st base for a crazy man who made her travel all night through dirt and heat.  So many choices, so little time.

We catch up with Bela who's still doing good things. Nothing to see here.

Dr. J. shows up at base camp looking like Frankenstein's welder.

He explains everything to Dr. Benet who's thrilled! (Okay, he looks concerned but I know he's secretly thrilled that this film might actually take a weird turn)

Boris turns out the lights so we get the full affect of the radium poisoning.  Was the audience of 1936 shocked, scared, laughing? Just pitiful!

Bela puts on his best horrified face and says "You're poisoned!"  He's also stupid but I won't dwell.

Bela: Perhaps metal clothing didn't protect you.  Boris: Well duct tape hasn't been invented yet so I didn't get a good seal. 

Dr. B. starts testing radium to get a cure. It's safe to say he's the smart one. 

He gives Dr. J. a quick shot which cures that glowy in the dark problem temporarily. I'm in awe at the things that can be done in tents with a few test tubes and some ingenuity.

You must use the counteractive each day at the same time.  (I don't think Boris is wearing a watch)

Diane, still clueless as to why her husband turned up the crazy has given in to love.  Wawwnnie's thrilled and pleased that pith helmets DO get the girls!

Sir Francis has shown up at Dr. J's camp to see what he's been up to and find out if his money has been put to good use. The expedition is over so they're off to Paris to re-cooperate and have fancy party's.

Feeling duped, Boris has decided to harness the power to destroy.  

Bela arrives to inform Dr. J. that they stole his sample to take to Paris. You just can't trust sweaty philanthropists who throw their money at unbalanced strangers.

Oh, and your wife went to Paris with Ronnie and she's getting a divorce.  But don't aim your ray at the messenger.  

Somehow Dr. J. has made it back to his castle on the hill where he's been busy working out the kinks of his invisible ray.

You can't tell by looking at her but mama is pleased! She got rid of Diane and she's all ready to get zapped into a million pieces if it makes her son happy. (Dysfunctional families really do belong in isolated castles with tricky moats)

Mama can see! Christ on a cracker, wait until she sees Boris's hair.

MIL: Son, now that I can see you can leave me here all alone while you go off to Paris and get your radium back. Dr. J. But what about Diane?  MIL: Some things are better left alone dear.

We check in with Dr. B. at his Paris clinic which can best be described as a Little Pocket of Miracles and Hope!  Oh, it's a fabulous place, filled with tears, desperate families, a steady stream of funds and hourly miracles.   He's working the heck out of that stolen radium and as far as I can tell nobody is glowing in the dark.

Dr. J. shows up to ruin everyone's day.  It's nice that he bought a new suit to soften the blow.

He is acting like he's proud of the good things his stolen radium has done.  Of course Bela has had the evil sucked out of him by casting so he acts relieved.

We get a quick tour of the clinic and a 'well done' here and there

Before Dr. J. disappears into the night to seek his revenge.

His first stop is a pub to drug a bum.

We check in with Diane who looks refreshed and happy.

until Lady Arabella shows her the morning paper.

Apparently her troubled husband wound up in Paris where he's been found mutilated.

Frances Drake trying to squeeze out a tear.

But there's no time for crying or mourning the dead! We have a wedding to get to.

Oh, the mutilated corpse has never looked better! Wait a second, where's that drunk bum from the pub?

There's no time to throw rice or whatever they toss at weddings in Paris. Dr. Not So Scorched has a room to rent.

It has a gorgeous view. I bet that costs extra.

Everyone is dressed up in their wedding finest as they celebrate the happy couple who can now live without guilt since the evil husband is dead.

Oh, not so fast with the toasts! Sir Francis has been found dead in his bed.  I think we can assume he was scared to death.

There never is a good way to break this but Dr. B. wants to experiment before his eyes glaze over.

I'm getting flashbacks of "White Zombie". Get serious here, this is pathetic!

We've got one dead body and a  missing statue.

One guess who's behind the latest developments. Nothing's glowing so I assume he's still taking his antidote.

Lady Arabella is next! Philanthropy can be dangerous kids so pick your causes wisely.

Diane is distraught when Bela informs her that he suspects Boris is still alive and behind this. Yes, you're back to being an adulteress.

Boris is running around leaving his fat fingerprints all over the place so I guess he's gone back to "semi invisible on a shoe string budget mode" 

Diane is afraid as she should be but wait until she finds out her mother in law can now see. She had better start hiding the jewelry she pillaged.

Dr. J. has everyone outraged now that he's blowing up sacred statues.  They should be thankful he didn't request a room across the street from the Pantheon.

Dr. B. meets with other scientists to set a trap for Dr. J.

Of course Dr. J. is one step ahead of everyone as he schemes to get an invite to their secret meeting.

Everyone has arrived with police at the ready outside.

The lights go out and Dr. J. appears. I suspect we aren't supposed to actually see him but just the raincoat and hat floating around.  I'm starting to be thankful that this film doesn't have bats because you know we would actually see the wires they would hang from.

Wawnnnnie is all pleased with himself that he's protecting Diane from her maniacal dead, but not dead, glowing, but not actually invisible husband.

Oh, I knew we wouldn't get a party without mama.  She went and got her sight back so now she's a world traveler.  I wonder how long it took HER to figure out the moat?

Dr. J. has somehow made it to the stairs without being detected. No sign of Wawnnie.

Hellllloooo dearest!

You can hear me but you can't see me.  Bwaahhhaaaa!

Uhmm, yes I can see you.  I mean I'm so very frightened and sorry that I left you for Wawwnnie.

Not wanting to ruin her party attire with a fat, radioactive hand print, Diane manages to scream.

The brain trust downstairs has decided to start looking for Dr Benet.

He's down in the basement glowing!

Mama is roaming around looking like Casper and she didn't even get poisoned.

She's talked her son into doing the right thing. The prospect of Diane moving back in has gotten to her finally so she is all for her son taking his own life so she can run off to pick grapes in the French countryside.  (Everyone wins here)

She tries her best to show emotion and love.

As Dr. J. starts smoking and running towards a window.

He throws his radioactive body into the Paris water supply! Oh dear, I hope that doesn't mean there will be a sequel.

Ronnie shows back up after it's safe. Well at least he has money Diane.  I'm sure you'll both be very happy.

Well that's that! This film was just awful. The worst I've seen from Bela and Boris but I'm dying to hear what everyone else thought of it.

Thanks for stopping by and please return for more of my Halloween month madness.  And remember to use your chemistry sets for good and not evil kids.