Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fabulous In Fur Is Back!

I know the majority of my readers are dealing with extremely cold weather right now so it's only appropriate that I take a quick detour from my Atlanta trip to break out the stars draped in their furs once again.

 France Drake looks like a snow angel. Although gripping your head like a vice just makes me think being flawless is just too painful so I'll stick with mediocre. 

I'm sure Lana Turner is off somewhere where it's warm so she can show off her white bikini and matching turban. Anything to escape the arctic temperatures in Beverly Hills.

Paulette Goddard is very protective of her fur wrap. Either that or she just spotted a very intoxicated John Barrymore with his hunting rifle.

This is Alice Terry doing sexy with fur and jewels. I think this proves that there is such a thing as too much shoulder and pasty skin. 

Bebe Daniels is so proud of her fur that she's decided to ride along the running board to show it off. I'm guessing the suitcase is full of bandages and Neosporin ointment just in case there's a stray pothole.

Mary Carlisle looks ecstatic here. Maybe her date just canceled and that rug has to go back in front of the fireplace.

Carmel Myers adds a bit of fur for fashion. Of course this is Hollywood so she could also be recovering from a little nip-tuck. Things were so much easier back then. Throw a bit of fur around your neck and nobody suspects a thing. 

If you're not familiar with Ann Sothern you might look at this glamor pose and think she's attempting sleepy. Nope! She always looks this way.

Irene Rich sets sail. Judging by the fur collar, cuffs and wrap she must be headed out to Catalina Island for the weekend. 

When you're 4 foot tall and you can fit in Johnny Weismuller's pocket do you really need a fur, Lupe Velez? I would show up in a bathing suit and a smile while wrapping myself around that tall drink of water.

Vivien Leigh's fur jacket is a bit of a mystery. It looks like there are sleeves then a back to it. Perhaps she requires a bit of ventilation. Any gal hanging out with Oliver must get the vapors on a regular basis.

Joan Crawford is a pro when it comes to posing. Knowing regardless of how ridiculous you look, it's important to show off every detail of your custom made fur. That statuette was probably a gift from Doug Fairbanks Jr too. Her sly way of rubbing it in.

Martha Raye would learn the hard way that you don't testify in a high end fur and expect sympathy. Not when you need to get your roots done, girl!

Now that I've let the fur fly, I'll get back to my Oh so glamorous life of shoveling the sidewalk. Would anyone notice if I do so while wearing my great aunt's mink stole? 

I hope you're all staying toasty warm and safe.
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