Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Last Splash In the Pool Until Next Summer!

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that summer went by way too fast once again. But here we are hanging up our bathing suits and trading them in for pants and something that shows off that we did get a bit of a tan this summer. (Well, okay, I won't be for another few weeks since it's still in the 90s here.)

This is my last bathing suit post for the year but fret not. Shirley will be back in no time to rip apart our beloved stars as they model their favorite furs and fabulous hats.

If you're ready, let's have one final look at the stars in their swimwear as we count the days until we're no longer able to sport the same looks without our neighbors giving us the side eye.

I can't even snark on Marie Wilson here. She's so darn cute in her little short overalls and pail. I'm sure this was a spontaneous moment on the beach during her day off. *wink

Where do I even begin with Natalie Wood? Hmmm... ALOHA, Boys!

It would be cruel to not give our beloved, Kev one last bathing suit still of Rita before Shirley starts ripping her to shreds with her hat posts. She does look like a Goddess here!

Ann Rutherford works the one piece like nobodies business!

Ann Baxter has a bit of fun in the pool but that bathing suit does nothing to take away from the Baby Jane makeup. Oh, Ann! Bette did have the last laugh.

It is easy to see how Ava Gardner melted so many hearts. She's divine in polka dots.

I'm not sure what Bette was going for here but I'm going to give her a pass. She's below Ava and she's probably just tickled to see Ann Baxter looking a mess. 

This is one of my favorite candid photos of Betty Grable. She looks like she's having so much fun on this photo shoot and she's just adorable here.

Buster Crabbe for the ladies. He can rescue me any time!

Carole Lombard looked amazing regardless of her attire. She could pull off a men's three piece suit, a cocktail dress or the latest in swim wear. A class act!

I thought I would show Clint Eastwood some love since he's going through some hard times right now. You've made some ladies day, Clint!

Cyd Charisse, suns her perfect body.

Deanna Durbin enjoys a day on the high seas. 

Well, so long summer! I hope you enjoyed seeing the stars soaking up the sun one last time this year but at least Shirley will be back with some hideous and insane fall and winter fashion. Also, I'm working on a new fashion series which I'm keeping under wraps for now and of course, Hollywood at Home will be making it's return finally. (I think you'll be pleased at who's Hollywood homes will be featured.)

See ya soon and please comment on any of the fashions or faux pas you've seen here.

All the best and thanks for stopping by!