Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Too Cute For Words

Hey, guys! I had hoped to get another part of my Mary Astor bio up but as usual things keep coming up. If you follow me on Twitter you've seen the pic of my ugly brown recluse spider bite on my typing hand. Those things can make you feel like death. (Insert Black Widow joke here) Also a sign that I shouldn't start dusting behind my couch and going forward I don't care if a family of opossums start squatting back there. Leaving them be! (I also think John Barrymore is haunting me for exposing him as a cad and he'll do what it takes to keep Astor's bio from being finished. ha ha)

Since we're talking about insects and animals I might as well show a few pics of some with our favorite classic stars. Some on the set and some tormenting their owners around the house.

Jean Parker poses with her adorable co-star.

Joan Collins spends some quality time with her little pooch.

Kim Novak and her little buddy. I don't know who has the cuter smile here. It's a close one.

When it comes to a post on pets, you knew Jayne Mansfield would make an appearance. She loved her little chihuahuas. 

Doris Day gives out treats to one cute poodle.

Betty Grable looks quit comfortable with her gorgeous co-star.

Collette D'Arville poses with her adorable babies but I can't take my eyes off those jewels. 

Barbara Streisand has some fun on set between scenes.

Marie Wilson does a bit of grooming.

Sally Eilers camouflages her adorable doggy with her busy dress. (I hope that is just a bouquet and not actually an unusual gown adornment.)

Joan Leslie looks like she's involved in a serious discussion here. "Listen up, Mister, you will not shed on my expensive suit and if you want to bite someone, it's the Joan, last name Crawford!"

Randy Scott and his little buddy enjoy a day at the beach.

Elizabeth Taylor and husband, Michael Wilding share some alone time with their cute little dog.

Everything about Jeannette MacDonald is fabulous here! The fur, hat, car and that sweet little dog.

Do you have a favorite here? 

This post is dedicated to my parents dog, and my little brother, Bob Barker, who passed on recently. You may remember my mentioning him in previous posts.

Also before I close, I've been missing Shirley lately. Is anyone else? (Don't bother answering that, Ivan!) I know she co-hosts my hat series but I just might bring her back for a few swim wear posts.  You know she'll have plenty to say about what all of those divas were wearing.

See ya soon!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sharing the 4th of July weekend with Our Favorite Bathing Beauties

Sad face at having to work on the 4th but we can still celebrate the holiday with our classic stars strutting their stuff in the sun this weekend!

Let's have a look at who was wearing what and how they are celebrating summer!

Vera Miles lights her giant firecracker!

Joel McCrea enjoys a day at the beach.

Betty Grable shows off her perfect swimsuit body and curious tans lines.

Fred Astaire enjoys some down time on the tennis court.

Jean Simmons and husband, Stewart Granger relax in the pool. 

Jean Harlow enjoys a day of sailing. 

Mitzi Gaynor shows off her perfect gams!

Ida Lupino enjoys some pool time to soak up some sun.

Judy Garland spends some alone time with daughter, Lorna, in the pool.

Joan Crawford takes a moment to enjoy life, away time from the studio.

Mary Martin is as cute as button as she sets sail.

Marilyn Monroe is always up for some fun in the sun. Cheers, Sunshine!

Olivia de Havilland, channels her inner beach bunny!

Don't worry, Kev! I didn't forget Rita.

And since it's summer I might as well share some fun music. I thought Mariah's latest hit, Beautiful was appropriate for these flawless divas.

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday weekend so far if you're in the states
and for the rest of you, I do hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather. Wherever you're visiting from, thanks for stopping by and please join in on the conversations here, leave a comment on your favorite photo.