Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Fun, Old Hollywood Style.

I decided to get my campy Halloween post up early just in case things work out and I can get my Vampire, an Evolution up this year.

Esther Williams who looks just as fabulous in hay as she does in the water.

Ann Rutherford perched atop a lot of pumpkin pies. Get to carving Missy!

Betty Grable. With legs like that who's really going to listen to her scary story?

Eva Gabor is making me itch! Please just pose with the hay and forget getting all creative.

Ida Lupino, who wants us to believe she's frightened by a Jack-O-Lantern! She did direct thrillers after all.

Janet Leigh trying her best to frighten us before everything went all Psycho. (Sorry I couldn't resist! This is Halloween camp after all)

Muriel Evans trying her best to appear terrified by a wooden prop. Really? You couldn't throw in a black cat?

Nan Grey actually has her black cat prop but sadly I think the wonky 'stars' have thrown the whole thing off.  

Rosalind Russell is a stunner on her perfectly carved pumpkin. Sometimes the prop department really did have it the easiest!

Veronica Lake who really was our most beautiful witch.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon for more Halloween madness.


  1. These are so cool!!! Thanks for posting them.

  2. Hi!

    All these pictures are so funny! Thanks for posting them. Sorry for my bad english, but I'm from Brazil. Your blog is so good!

    I'll be here more often.
    See you later!

  3. @Nelly,
    Glad you enjoyed the photos and I hope you'll come back for future posts!

    Your English is perfect and I'm so glad you're back. Thanks for your support.

  4. Boy, Veronica Lake is gorgeous in that picture! I hardly recognized Ida Lupino! And those pictures with hay make me sneeze. You always find great pics for your theme blogs! I am really looking forward to your Vampire post. Sounds like something I'll love!

  5. Becky,
    Thanks! I thought Rosalind looked pretty glam.
    Going to email you.

  6. Thanks Number 6! Glad you stopped by. Happy Halloween.

  7. Page: so enterteining images!!!.
    I would be charmed with shining as someone of these witches!!!.
    Happy Halloween!

    From Argentina. Natalia

  8. @Natalia,
    Good to see you here again, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
    Happy Halloween to you and yours over there in Argentina.

  9. My hubby is convinced that making a fuss over Hallowe'en is a recent phenomenon. It's been fun pointing out to him that the Hollywood PR guys hopped on that bandwagon a long time ago.

    Note: His fave was Miss Leigh. I just adore Ann Rutherford's shoes.

  10. Love all these great Halloween pictures. Trick or Treat!!

  11. @CW,
    These old theme photo's are interesting. I wonder if the studio's churning out these campy photo's before every holiday thrilled the stars? Do you think they got their choice of props? Did Eva draw the 'short straw' that day? As for Ann, wearing white open toe sandals with orange socks wouldn't be my first choice for a fall outfit but she pulls it off.

    Thanks for the comments and Happy Halloween to you and your hubby.

    Glad you enjoyed the pics.
    Happy Halloween! : D

  12. Page, these publicity photos of cute actresses in Halloween garb are quite delightful! I must confess I'd never heard of Muriel Evans before, but then, I don't follow Westerns that closely. She was a cutie, as were all your subjects, but I think Veronica Lake of I MARRIED A WITCH fame is the winner here! Great fun, Page; looking forward to your vampire pictorial!

  13. These pics are great. How long have you been collecting them?

  14. Page - I'm sure we all had more fun with these than the starlets did. Famous as they became, these publicity photos were all part of their apprenticeship. Thanks for sharing them as they still show an interesting and "time capsule" side of Old Hollywood.


  15. @Dorian, Rich and Christian,
    I'm glad you liked these old publicity stills. The studios really did have a sense of humor.

    I've been collecting off and on for about 12 yrs now.
    Happy Halloween guys, so glad you stopped by.