Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quiet On The Set! Part: I've Lost Count

If you're ready, let's have another look at our fabulous stars on set between filming.

Betty Hutton grabs a quick cup of coffee in her dressing room.

Cyd Charisse gives us a glimpse of those perfect gams as she takes a break.

Greer Garson and George Cukor get the crew together for an impromptu game of cards.

Joan Collins brings out her inner Jayne Mansfield. (She's gonna need a bigger stool!)

Elizabeth Taylor warms up in her dressing room on the set of "A Date With Judy" 1948

Isa Miranda and Nigel Bruce look over their lines on the set of  "Adventure In Diamonds" 1940

Anita Louise finds a quiet spot on the beach to study her lines.

Ann Margaret has some fun on the 20th Century Fox backlot.

Alice Faye and Rudy Vallee relax on the set of "George White's Scandal" 1934

Ann Miller with producer, Michael Kraike on the set of "Eadie Was a Lady" 1945

Ann Blyth smiles for the cameras as she studies "The Student Prince" script in her dressing room. (1954)

Lauren Bacall and Robert Stack get direction from Jean Negulesco on the set of "The Gift of Love" 1958

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford pose with their younger versions. Actresses, Julie Allred and Gina Gillespie on the set of "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" 1962

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  1. How did Anita Louise walk on the sand in those shoes?

    1. CW,
      Perhaps she has four very fit men carry her across the sand in a velvet chair. Okay, I was thinking Joan Crawford for a second.

      I always enjoy your observations on these photo posts.

  2. Replies
    1. JG,
      I'm glad you enjoyed them! See ya for the next one.

  3. Love the Alice Faye and Rudy Vallee pic!!

  4. First, happy spring, Page!
    Oh, the Baby Jane photo! I'm ony upset becuse Bette Davis isn't in her full costume and makeup. Oh, wait, she'd scare the two girls.

  5. I'm with Anita Louise! A chair by the beach any day of the week!! My Florida blood, which is currently living in Idaho, is going into withdrawals for some sand and sea!

    Really fun post!

  6. The expression on Betty Hutton's face makes me think that's not really coffee in her cup...