Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fabulous In Fur is Back!

It's time for more of our fabulous stars in their stylish and some, not so stylish furs.

Deanna Durbin opts for a simple fur wrap and some nice jewels.

Marlene Dietrich is perfection in her short fur and evening gown.

Dolores Del Rio is divine in her floor length fur with over sized collar.

Gail Patrick drapes herself in white mink.

Jean Harlow has never looked more glamorous. Showing a bit of attitude too.

Jeannette MacDonald has a bit of fun in white with some black trim.

Gypsy Rose Lee shows off the latest fashion.

I'm just not feeling Paulette Goddard's ensemble here. Regardless if your fur is short sleeved, it just doesn't fit with open toed heels and a floral sun dress. 

A young, Rosalind Russell poses in a wool coat with leopard fur trim.

Lana Turner must be going somewhere cold as she waves to her fans. 

Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, attend their movie premiere in fur stoles over gorgeous evening gowns. 

Maureen O'Hara shows off her perfect gams and white mink stole as she gets ready to depart on a trip.

Za Za Gabor, gives us a quick smile.

Margaret Sullivan is a goddess in white mink.

Thanks for joining me for another look at our favorite classic stars in fur. If you have a favorite, or have any thoughts on these fashions, please let us know.

See ya soon!


  1. Gail Patrick could wear a plastic garbage bag and still look glamorous. Didn't recognize Dietrich.

    Nobody waves bye-bye in front of planes anymore. I suppose it loses something in front of a jet bridge. I tried it once and nearly got run down when somebody announced over the PA system: "And now boarding the remaining rows..."

    1. So true, Jacqueline!
      I love these candid shots of stars waiting for trains, waving from trains or just sitting around with their luggage on tarmacs. Boy, things have changed!

      I agree about Gail Patrick. Such a beauty. I feel that way about Rochelle Hudson and Dorothy Sebastian too. I have a soft spot for the dark haired actresses of the day.

      Thanks for commenting, Jacqueline. : )

  2. Wow!! LQQK at Dolores Del Rio. Ooh la la. She really knew how to strike a pose.

  3. I always thought that when I grew up I'd have a white mink stole just like the one Maureen O'Hara is wearing. (Heavy sigh.)

  4. Jean Harlow for sure looks glamurous! Asa much as I love Paulette Goddard and her amazing looks, this time she made a huge fashion mistake...

  5. Love the glamorous wardrobe! Thanks for sharing!

  6. At a glance, I thought Rosalind Russell was a flight attendant.

  7. Agree about Paulette Godard...but love Maureen O'Hara. Stylish post as always :)