Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking this way doesn't come easy! Sports and Leisure Part 2

It's time for another look back at how the stars spent their time when not at the studio.  Lets jump right in and see what kept them fit and happy.

Alice Faye, very stylish during a croquet match

Bing Crosby hitting the links

Betty Grable spending the day relaxing by the pool

James Cagney getting ready for a swim at his California home

Joan Crawford taking the time to sign autographs before her tennis match

Dick Powell making me wish it was summertime!

Errol Flynn relaxing with a good book! (his own)

James Ellison looking very fit!

Janet Gaynor getting a few holes in on her day off

Elizabeth Taylor as beautiful as her pottery project

Lew Ayres playing tennis at his California estate

Jane Powell looking like a bowl of sunshine as she plays croquet at her home

Thanks for joining me for another candid look back at the fabulous stars


  1. Love all these photos! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Thanks Audrey,
    I really love these old candids. I'm glad you all enjoy this series because I have a lot more fun topics up my sleeve. : )

  3. I love those pictures. I never saw that one of Alice Faye or Bing Crosby. GREAT STUFF!!!!

  4. Lobosco,
    Good to see you again! I love Alice Faye! I'll be doing a post on her in the future so please stay tuned for that and more photos in this series.
    Thanks for the nice comment,