Monday, March 21, 2011

Looking this good doesn't come easy! Sports and Leisure: Part 3

It's time for another look at how the wonderful stars of yesteryear spent their days away from the studio either relaxing or keeping fit.

Claudette Colbert enjoying one of her favorite pastimes at home, gardening.

Gary Cooper getting some yard work done while looking very dapper..

Tallulah Bankhead looking very casual while enjoying a tennis match.

Joan Crawford enjoying some horseback riding. (Looking fabulous Joanie)!

Kate Hepburn right at home on the golf course.

Lucille Ball getting ready for a night of bowling.

Bette Davis taking some time off for a relaxing cruise abroad.

Judy Garland with daughter Lorna Luft enjoying a day at the pool.

Virginia Bruce riding her bike to the Universal lot.

Roy Rogers playing tennis in a very interesting outfit.

Barbara Stanwyck relaxing at home with a cup of tea.

Victor Mature getting a quick workout in.

Tab Hunter relaxing in the pool at his Hollywood home.

Now that spring is here I hope all of you are getting to enjoy the outdoors in your own way looking as stylish as these Hollywood stars.  

Thanks for joining me for another candid look back at the stars and how they spent their down time.

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