Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's have an AWWW moment.... Queue the adorable!

I have to keep this blog fresh for my readers so in trying to think of something fun and interesting today I just couldn't think of anything snarky or thought provoking.  Yes, I confess that the NBA season is coming to a close and I have a Thunder home game to attend tonight so I will leave you with a bit of adorable.  Because who doesn't love cute little animals.

Alan Ladd with his adorable doggies.  Feeding Time!

Audrey Hepburn. (They both have perfect posture!)

Clark Gable

Charles Buddy Rogers

Bing Crosby with his gorgeous Chow.

Ellen Drew getting some sun with her buddy.

Joan Crawford with her well dressed friend.

Jayne Mansfield getting some attention from her adorable doggies after a celebratory night out.

Jean Parker with her beloved horse.

The beautiful Betty Field with her horse

Paul Muni at home with his pets.

Humphrey Bogart

I really do love these photos of the stars and their beloved pets.  Thanks for joining me and feel free to comment.

Update:  The Thunder won last night in overtime by ONE point! As exciting as that was I saw this guy walking around outside wearing these shoes that sparkled just like Ruby Slippers when they hit the light.  I was so taken with them that I just had to take  photos.  Who knew Nike All Stars could look so fabulous!  Thank you Wade for being a great sport. I hope you were able to click your heels and find your way home last night.

Some of us just see Old Hollywood regardless of where we are! 


  1. I have to say that Bogart's dog seems the most at-home and unfazed by his human's stardom...

  2. Such cute animals! I always like stars better when I find out what kind of pets they had. :)


  3. Eve and Caroline,
    I love old celebrity candids and seeing them with their pets makes them a bit more endearing and approachable.
    Although Bing's chow looks ferocious and like he would rip your hand off.

  4. It's funny how often the animal and the owner just seem to be the same type....love these pictures! But most of all, Page, I WANT THOSE SHOES!

    Congratulations to your team! Keep your fingers crossed for my Indianapolis guys, Butler University -- made it to the Final Four and playing on Saturday!

  5. Great photos as always, and thanks for the ruby slippers/sneakers shot!

  6. Jayne Mansfield woooooooooohhhhhh!!!