Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Ann Sheridan bringing everyone some good luck!

Hopefully everyone remembered to wear a bit of green today even it it's not to the extent of Doris Day who's looking fabulous in her very fancy and festive ball gown.  

I hope however you celebrate this day you're all having a great day filled with luck and happiness and please take a moment to take my poll on Irish actors on the sidebar.



  1. Beautiful!!!!!:))))

  2. Gosh, Page, Doris's dress looks just like the negligee I wear every night. What a coincidence (or, as Popeye says, what a coinkydink). Remarkable resemblance -- of course, I am a brunette....

  3. Thanks Anita and Cfc! : )

    You and I must buy our negligee's at the same place because mine looks exactly like this but in Canary Yellow and it also comes with a matching Snood for cold weather nights!