Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stars And Their Fabulous Cars: Part 4

This may be my last installment on cars for awhile.  I feel like moving on to just movie reviews! Ha Ha just kidding.  I think it might be fun to do a series of posts on stars and Sports and Leisure mixed in with my regular posts on my memorabilia.  So lets get started and see who was cruising around Hollywood in style.

Al Jolson at home with a very cool 2 door convertible  His front bumpers look like a cattle guard.

 My eyes are drawn to Jayne Mansfield but her coral convertible is quite nice too.

Jean Harlow with yet another nice car.  She's stunning even in her casual clothes.

Robert Mitchum cruising around in his 2 Door sports car.

Silent star Edna Murphy

Clark Gable with a very practical panel wagon

Fay Wray with her 1927 Packard 2 Door

Joan Crawford with her 1929 Ford Town Car

Lili Damita with her 1932 Packard 2 Door

Mae Murray stylish in her early model Rolls Royce

Ramon Novarro in his 1930 Cadillac Convertible.

Silent stars, Phyllis Haver and Ben Turbin with their very early car. I can't take my eyes off of those wheels.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be back to posting on my memorabilia from the glamorous stars shortly.


  1. Fabulous! I can't believe how HUGE cars used to be. I think the Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford pictures are particularly adorable.


  2. Thanks Caroline. I just love these old photos and I have more in the series in January and December's Archive. You might enjoy my posts on stars at the Hollywood Canteen and performing in the USO in it's early days that are Archived the week before Veteran's Day then on Veteran's Day. : )

  3. I loved this series. Such great old cars! I'm looking forward to the posts on star's sports and leisure activities. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much Audrey. : ) The Sports and Leisure series then stars and their pets is coming up then I'm working on my post on Errol Flynn and Joan Crawford but their lives were so complicated I'm having to re-read their biographies. Stay tuned!

  5. Check out Phillis Haver as a Maybelline Model on www.maybellinebook.com.

  6. I don't know what I'm attracted to more: the vintage cars, or these lovely actresses from the heyday of silent films. They know how to pose by their vehicles and truly grab your attention. In any case, that 1932 Packard 2 Door is quite a beaut!

  7. My grandma used to tell me about Joan Crawford and her melodramatic tinseltown life. Even so, that picture of her reminds us of the grandeur she once had. Posing with a Ford Town Car, she seems very happy.

  8. It is nice to see old photos of these Hollywood stars and heavyweights, much more their vehicles. And you can tell by their smiles that they loved their autos. Who wouldn’t be? If I had Clark Gable’s panel wagon, or Ramon Novarro’s Caddy, I would be smiling the whole day!

  9. Just like the Hollywood stars that we have today, these stars also had their amazing cars before. For me, the life of the celebrity would not be complete if they didn’t have fantastic cars with them. Nevertheless, these cars above are awe-inspiring! I love that 1929 For Town Car of Joan Crawford! :) Timmy is right. It’s really a great feeling to see pictures like these. Well, we’re born too late to witness such great cars. Hehe!

    1. Stelle,
      I'm glad you enjoy these old photos of our favorite stars with their fab cars. I do have several posts on this topic in the archives if you're interested in seeing more.

      Thanks for stopping by and do come back and share in our discussions on old Hollywood.

  10. I love how even back then, it was normal for a celebrity to be seen or to own a flashy, top-of-the-line car. It just goes to show how much of a status symbol a car can be. I echo Stelle’s sentiments about beautiful and famous people going hand in hand (or hand on wheel?) with fabulous cars to complete the grandeur of being a celebrity.