Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm not ready for my closeup! Part 1

With every fantastic film to the ones that we really didn't care that much about, there are countless hours put in to the end product. Not to mention the hours of down time between takes plus the early mornings in hair and makeup before one scene is even shot. This photo series is all about the stars and the candid behind the scene glances as they prepare for their closeups to how they spend their time on set.

The beautiful Anna May Wong catching up on correspondence between scenes.

Ava Gardner relaxing between scenes on the set of "East Side, West Side"

Silent screen star Bebe Daniels in costume on set.

Betty Shaw having her hoop skirt adjusted on set (I'm not sure how they walked around in those. It would be like wearing an upside down laundry basket all day).

Bing Crosby enjoying a smoke between takes (He doesn't look all that happy).

Boris Karloff waiting on makeup and hopefully a ham sandwich. 

Charlie Chaplin behind the camera during filming of  "Gold Rush"

Montgomery Clift relaxing between scenes. (You would think he could find a more comfortable spot than a rubber hose though). 

Doris Day getting direction from Alfred Hitchcock on the set of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Dick Powell rehearsing for a musical number

Marlene Dietrich being held up while trying to relax between takes on the set of  "The Spoilers" 1942

Until next time make sure you're always ready for your closeup! Oh, I'm working on another photo montage so you will have to come back to see which film I've chosen to have some fun with.  


  1. Hey Page, thanks for the pics, loved them.

  2. Great pics! At first, I thought the Buster Keaton photo was one of Boris Karloff...

  3. Classic Film. I did some photo research since the photo you mentioned just had Buster K on it! After looking for photos without makeup it does look more like Boris too. So confused since their ears, brows and physique are very similar without makeup.