Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stars And Their Cars: Part 2

Lizabeth Scott washing her new Dodge with a friend

Ida Lupino stylish in shorts

Norma Shearer with her chauffeur and her luxury sedan

Clark Gable looking very sharp behind the wheel

Anita Eckberg getting paparazzi attention with her sports car

Debbie Reynolds adorable in her red convertible

Jean Harlow so beautiful while proudly posing in front of her new Packard

Rita Hayworth taking a drive in her convertible

Mamie Van Doren striking a sultry pose in her sports car

Liz Taylor and husband Richard Burton going for a drive in their Cadillac convertible

I hope you enjoyed Part 2.  Please click on images for a larger view.  Have a great day.


  1. So glamorous. Especially Mamie Van Doren. I love these!

  2. Thanks KC! I love these old photos to. For some reason I can't picture Norma Shearer driving about Norma Desmond style though.