Saturday, January 15, 2011

The CMBA is gearing up for it's much anticipated Hitchcock Blogathon!

The master of suspense posing with his 53 films

For those who visit my site that are unaware of the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) a wonderful blog association for all of us who love Old Hollywood and the Classics.  I'm proud to announce that myself and other CMBA members will be doing a Hitchcock film Blogathon on Monday the 17th of January.  Below is a list of my fellow CMBA members and the Hitchcock films that we will be paying tribute to (links provided).  So if you are a lover of Hitchcock please come back and join us to celebrate his work and please leave a comment on your favorite Hitchcock film or one that you can't wait to see.  Please visit the CMBA site HERE.  (If you click on each blog's title it will take you to their site and their review of each film which will be up no later than Monday at 8:00 a.m EST).

"The Birds" will be reviewed by Classic Film and TV Cafe

"Dial M for Murder" will be reviewed by True Classics: The ABC's of Classic Film

"The Lady Vanishes" will be reviewed by MacGuffin Movies

"Lifeboat" will be reviewed by ClassicFilmboy's Movie Paradise

"The Man Who Knew Too Much" will be reviewed by Reel Revival

Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be reviewed by Carole & Co.

"North By Northwest" will be reviewed by Bette's Classic Movie Blog

"Notorious" will be reviewed byTwenty Four Frames

"The Pleasure Garden" will be reviewed by Thrilling Days of YesterYear

"Rear Window" will be reviewed by Java's Journey

"Rebecca" will be reviewed by ClassicBecky's Film and Literary Review

"Rope" will be reviewed by Kevin's Movie Corner

"Shadow of a Doubt" will be reviewed by The Great Entertainers Media Archive

"The 39 Steps" will be reviewed by garbo Laughs

Three Classic Hitchcock Killers will be visited by The Lady Eve's REEL LIFE

"Torn Curtain" will be reviewed by Via Margutta 51

"The Trouble with Harry" will be reviewed by Bit Part Actors

"Vertigo" will be reviewed by Noir and Chick Flicks

"The Wrong Man" will be reviewed by The Movie Projector

"Marnie" will be reviewed here by me

Okay movie fans theres your list of the Hitchcock films that are being celebrated, a great selection out of his 53 films.  Please take the time to visit each site even if you aren't a Hitchcock fan as they all have wonderful blogs celebrating Old Hollywood.  I hope to see you back here tomorrow for my review and clips from Marnie.


  1. Your site looks great, and I look forward to reading everyone's Hitchcock reviews on Monday! Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I didn't see anybody offering to review STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. I reviewed it (among other Hitchcock films) on my blog site TALES OF THE EASILY DISTRACTED, if you're interested. :-) Anyway, keep those great blog posts coming!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I got in on the Blogathon at the last minute and unfortunately a few of Hitchcock's greats aren't being reviewed so if you want to provide a link I will be glad to include it tomorrow with my Marnie review! Surprisingly nobody chose Psycho or The Lodger which I love! Come back tomorrow and Monday and join us for the fun...I always look forward to getting the word out there for blogs and fellow movie lovers.

  3. Page, I'm looking forward to your review of MARNIE (a vastly underrated Hitchcock film in my opinion...but will you agree???). I think the blogathon sounds like a blast and I love the posters you included with each title!

  4. Thanks Rick!
    I agree about Marnie. I actually went back and forth between reviewing it or The Lodger which I adore. I liked Tipi better in Marnie than in The Birds but it could be because I'm terrified of all birds! : ) I'm looking forward to making the rounds for all of the reviews.

  5. With the posters the official list looks even more cool, great idea Page :) Can't wait to read all the reviews :)