Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Ann Miller is ready to bring in the New Year.

Here at My Love of Old Hollywood I am ready for 2012 and more fun posts. Wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and love filled 2012 with lots of Classic Films on your viewing list.  Thank you everyone who has visited my blog throughout the year and a warm welcome to all of my new blog followers.  You're the reason I churn out these posts and I'll do my best to keep them entertaining going forward. 

Shirley Temple is here to let everyone know she'll be back for more co-hosting but for now she's ready to ring in the New Year with the rest of us.

See you in 2012. 
Love and laughter,


  1. All my best wishes for a great 2012, Page ... I'm looking forward to a new snark!

  2. Happy New Year Page!

  3. Estimated Page:
    Beautiful greeting of end of year!. Thank you for sharing so valuable material ... it is an arduous and wonderful work.
    Happy new year!
    From Argentina Natalia

  4. Happy New Year, Page! Your blog is always a bright spot in the classic film blogosphere, keep the great posts coming...

  5. I hope there are many happy days ahead for you, Page. You certainly add to the happiness portion of my world.

  6. Happy New year!! Thank you for the many smiles:)