Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Milliners Invade Hollywood: Part Two

I'm back for Part Two and Shirley is here, although she's got a bit of an attitude this evening. (I think somebody pinned her curls too tight!) So if you're ready let's have another look at our glamorous stars, sporting fabulous head wear.

Shirley, what do you think of Marion Davies? Shirley: I haven't seen anything that weird since pretending to run through the Alps in "Heidi"....Has she lost her suspenders?

Ann Baxter looks just wonderful! Do you like this hat Shirley?  Shirley: "My grandmother has three of these! One on each end table and she keeps the other one on her toaster." Your grandmother has very expensive taste in doilies.

Shirley, isn't Clara Bow adorable in her big floppy hat? Shirley: "I wore that hat last week! I would ask for it back but my mother won't let me go near Ms. Bow. What does Harlot mean?"  Uhmm, it's another name for a red head but I wouldn't go around using that word.

Jean Harlow looks just beautiful as always! Shirely: "I'm not allowed to go around her either!"  Well, I don't want to know why. Shirley: "Of course you do! It's because she doesn't wear under garments.  I think she should dye her hair red too" 

Maureen O'Hara looks just lovely. Shirley: "I like her and she's a nice Harlot!" I'm pretty sure you mean 'red head' but let's move along.

Mae West is looking very fashionable in her black felt. Shirley: "She is a big lady and she likes lots of boys! They visit her dressing room a lot to play board games." ...Well, that's nice and you're very observant Shirley!

Loretta Young wears her fur well!  Shirley: My mother says that Loretta is like a nun but then she always giggles! (I'm going to get hate mail!)

Ann Sheridan looks very sweet this week!  Shirley: "She's a nice lady but she looks sleepy. What are bedroom eyes?"  It's how your face looks before noon..No more questions please!

That's our hats for today. Off to take inquisitive Shirley for a little walk.  See you next time and thanks for joining us!


  1. Great hats Page. Like Shirley, I liked some more than others. But fun to look at, especially with your running commentary. Thanks for the funny look at millinery.

    Christian (Silver Screen Modiste)

  2. Great hats! Jean Harlow is so beautiful.
    OH, good pictures Page.

  3. I've never seen a Shirley Temple movie. Which one is the one where she sings "Good Ship Lollypop"?

  4. @Christian,
    Glad you enjoyed this post! I adore 30's and 40's fashion but it's fun to poke a bit of fun at it.

    Good to see you again! Glad you enjoyed the glamorous star photos. Jean was a beauty!

    Shirley was a great little actress! She performed Good Ship Lollipop in Bright Eyes (1934) I think you would enjoy her films. "Heidi" is my favorite although I just re-watched "Captain January" and it's a cute film. "Curly Top", Since You Went Away, Baby Take a Bow and Little Miss Marker are great too. She had some great leading men! : )

  5. Your hat partner Shirley looks just adorable in that picture - looks like she needs a hug. I totally agree with Shirley -- Anne Baxter DOES look like she's wearing doilies. Page, your conversation about Clara, Jean and Ann Sheridan was a hoot (What's a harlot...?) And you may get hate mail, but your caption about Loretta Young is hysterical! I love these hat posts! I think Mae West's hat was the best in this one...

  6. Page, I'm still LOL over the running "harlot" gag, with the doilies running a close second! You and Shirley Temple make a great commentary team! :-) For the record, my favorites were Maureen O'Hara and Ann Sheridan. That reminds me: THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, one of my favorite Christmas-oriented movies, is on TCM tomorrow! Delightful pictorial, my friend! Hope you and yours will have a truly happy, healthy, and Merry Christmas and a Hap-Hap-Happy New Year in 2012!

  7. @Becks,
    So glad you are enjoying my having a bit of fun with Shirley! What a little doll she was. And these hats are just insanely fun!

    Taped your Christmas film and I can't wait to watch it. It's fun to find a new holiday film. To be honest I'm not all that crazy about "It's a Wonderful Life".

    Glad you're enjoying my Milliner series..I'm having fun with it and Shirley is quite the co-host.

  8. Great post...Loretta Young is wearing her hat like a boss!

    1. Loretta's hat is over the top but fun! She can make anything look beautiful! : )
      Thanks for stopping by!