Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Milliners Invade Hollywood: Part Three

Shirley is back to help me out and she looks adorable today in her leather coat and hat. If everyone else is ready let's jump right in to our favorite stars decked out in their finest toppers.

Anita Page is looking quite glam in her sequins.  Shirley: "I like that hat! It makes me want to tap dance."  Well, you can dance if you want but give me your opinion between routines. 

 I love Anita Stewart's feathers and velvet. Too bad we can't see it in color.  Shirley: "I've only seen her in black and white too.  She's one of those ladies that couldn't talk so they gave her words on the screen."  I'm pretty sure you mean Silent pictures.

Mary Astor is looking quite stylish today.  Shirley:  "She looks like she's ready for court! I hope she's practicing her crying and sad face"  I think you've been listening to studio gossip again Shirley.  

Brenda Marshall certainly is original. Shirley: "Does original mean weird and crazy?"  In polite circles I think so.  Shirley: "My grandmother would say "Bless her heart" but I think she's just in love with Fred Astaire and this is her way of saying hello."  I hope it all works out for her.

Ann Miller is pretty as a picture.  Shirley:  "We have the same cheeks and she's a good dancer."   Does she know Errol Flynn?"  I guess so, why?"  Shirley: "Because she looks like she's going to court too."  Oh, go back to dancing!

What do you think of Joan Bennett?  Shirley:  "Her hat is handy!" "My grandfather sat on that same hat after a surgery."  I'm pretty sure they aren't the same but if they are don't mention it to Joan"

Jean Harlow is beautiful as always.  Shirley: "I thought it was Jean Harlot?"  We aren't going there today.  Shirley: "Oh, since I started calling her that, every time she sees me she runs away and cries."  You're lucky!

Lucille Ball looks gorgeous in black.  Shirley: "Why does everyone love Lucy?"  They just do.  Shirley: "Well, can I tell you a secret, I don't!  She's a tirade"  I think you mean tyrant. Good luck with her fans and look into security.

Fay Wray is very fashionable today.  Shirley: "I think she looks like a sheep, and gorillas eat sheep!"  I can't argue with that but at least she doesn't have a court date.  Shirley: "She isn't a tirade either! heehee"

Sophia Loren is always a stunner.  Shirley:  "What's a sex kitten?"  Where did you hear that?  Shirley: "I hear my dad say that when he pulls her pictures out of his locked desk drawer.  It's our secret!"  Well, your mother is probably better off if you keep that secret between you and your pops.  

Okay Shirley, we made it through another one and I'll be sure to forward all hate mail your way.  See you back here for Part Four.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.


  1. I can not take my eyes off of Brenda Marshall's "hat". If you look close.. you can see she has a moon orbiting her head.:)

  2. HaHa Dawn!
    Perhaps the feathers are being used to give the moon a signal and energy as it rotates. Sometimes I just don't understand fashion, new or old.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Page - that little Shirley is quiet the little "mean girl" isn't she? I think if Joan Bennett read her comment she should use that hat for smothering purposes!

  4. FlickChick,
    If Shirley Temple Black ever happens upon this site I hope she has a good sense of humor otherwise I'll be run out of town! Ha Ha
    I adore Shirley, she's great.

    Glad you're enjoying this series.

  5. Page, when do you suppose women stopped wearing fancy hats? It's generally believed that men stopped wearing hats when JFK did so I wonder if there was a similar catalyst for women.

  6. @Kim,
    I'm so sorry! Hopefully you weren't offended.

    That's a great question so perhaps I'll look into it and provide some info in my next hat post, if Shirley will be quiet long enough that is. : )
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. The era of hats. Very creative and chic. Thanks for sharing ... are you getting a new hat for the new year?

  8. Oh, Page, you are on my hit list, missy, with your crack about poor Errol. (It was funny though, even to me!) Those hats! Sophia, Lucy and Ann are the only ones I thought were great. Fay Wray DOES look like a sheep, Mary Astor looks like her head is flat, and Brenda Marshall just looks bizarre. However, if Brenda's hat is what attracted William Holden to marry her, I'd wear it every day! Fun post, Page!

  9. CFB,
    You snuck in and I didn't see you behind all of the hats! : )

    I thought you might enjoy my little jab at Errol. Ha Ha I've got a few pics of Brenda in crazy hats so just you wait!

    Thanks for stopping by you two.

  10. Page, this latest edition of "Milliners Invade Hollywood" is your funniest yet! Shirley Temple starts it off in a cute yet kinky manner with her leather outfit. The running gag about various stars going to court cracked me up! I also love the quote about silent movie star Anita Stewart: "She's one of those ladies that couldn't talk so they gave her words on the screen." And the bit about Shirley's daddy keeping cheesecake pix of Sophia Loren in his drawer had me laughing out loud! Your pictorial is sheer delight, as always!

  11. Dorian,
    When you get a good laugh I know the post is a success! : )
    So glad you're enjoying Shirley acting up! She's a little mess.