Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Heres my photo montage of what Hollywood had to offer during the 20's to the 40's to scare us. I hope you enjoy it and have a safe but ghoulish Halloween.

EEEEK thats scary! Oh wait its just Joan Crawford as a witch.

Why do my dates always pass out before I get through my list of pet peeves?

They could have given me the option between the bolts or this hairstyle. Any sane person would have chosen the bolts.

What do you mean by I should put the mask back on?

If I walk really stiff I don't think they will notice the bolts or the scars or the dead eyes.

Just representin Yo! Kanye who?

I was standing right here with my arms just like this when your daughters got those puncture wounds.

I love this cape and one day I want to be buried in it. Oh never mind thats just crazy talk. I need some sunlight.

This isn't Utah you know. If one more woman shows up here I'm leaving as soon as I can get my head dislodged from this gate.

EEEK! Crap thats just Joan Crawford again. Stop that Joanie.

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for stopping by. I will be back blogging about my memorabilia tomorrow. 
Love and laughter,

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