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Dick Powell (1904-1963)

Dick Powell, with his golden locks and boyish good looks, started out in musicals opposite Ruby Keeler in the early 1930's.  Some may remember Mr. Powell for his upbeat musicals, his quite successful vocal career or his marriages to Joan Blondell (2nd wife) and post to follow or to his widow, actress June Allyson.  Dick went on to direct films and television shows during the 1950's.

with Ruby Keeler

with Rosemary Lane

Dick Powell starred in over 50 films and had amassed  a $10,000,000 estate at the time of his death.  He enjoyed sailing in his free time then in the 1940's he sold  his yacht Santana to his friend Humphrey Bogart. Mr. Bogart  renamed the 55ft beauty Bogies Boat.  Maybe not the most original name for a sailing vessel but Bogart did name his production company Santana Productions.

Dick Powell once quoted "The best thing about switching from being an actor to being a director is that you don't have to shave or show your stomach anymore"

Hand signed letter from my collection (click images to enlarge)

Mr. Powell has three stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. One for film, television and directing. 

Interesting fact: Dick Powell's CA ranch style home was the setting for the TV show Hart To Hart starring Robert Wagner.

Mr. Powell is buried at Forest Lawn (Memorial Park) Glendale, CA.  His grave site can be viewed HERE

* All photo's and documents are from my personal collection.

Dick with wife Joan Blondell

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