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Charles (Charlie) Farrell (1901-1990)

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Charles Farrell was an American born actor who started out in Silents and was best known for his roles with Janet Gaynor.  "Seventh Heaven" (1927) and "Street Angel" (1928) being the most memorable.  Charlie went on to star in television shows during the 1950's and his most recognized TV role was as Vern Albright, the widowed father of Gale Storm's character, Margie.  "My Little Margie" airing from Dec. 1952 to Aug. 1955.
Charles also appeared in many radio shows (see radio contract from my personal collection above) as well as "The Charles Farrell" television show which aired in 1956. Charles married only once to the Silent Screen Actress Virginia Valli. They married in 1932 and remained married until her death in 1968.

 Charlie Farrell's TWO stars on the Hollywood walk of fame can be seen at 7021 Hollywood Blvd. (motion pictures), and 1617 Vine Street (television).

Mr. Farrell is buried at the Welwood Murray cemetery in Palm Springs, CA. which can be viewed HERE

Fun Charlie Farrell Facts:
He was one of the founders of Palm Springs, California
Theres was an explosion on the set of "Old Ironsides" that blew out his eardrums and left him partially deaf. The same explosion injured several bystanders and a set technician was killed.
When his acting career started to slow down he started developing land in Palm Springs and was the Mayor from 1947-1955.

with Janet Gaynor

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