Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And So We Begin.

This first post is dedicated to my beautiful mother who inspires me daily and is my best friend.

I have wanted to start a website for some time now with the goal of uploading my Hollywood memorabilia in a way to display it as well as allow others to share their stories and their memorabilia if the desire is there.  I think like anyone else who has the bright idea to start a blog, theres always that jumping off point and a point where you question whether it will appeal to anyone else.

I get asked a lot about when I started collecting this type of memorabilia and why.  The why goes back to about the age of 8.  My mother would find a quiet room in our house and sit down to an old black and white movie whenever she could.  After seeing the joy on her face and complete contentment while watching The Thin Man movies or hearing her infectious laugh while watching Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn,  I wanted a part of it and I found myself just as lost in the beauty of Old Hollywood as she still is today.

My collection started about 15 years ago and it is now at over 2500 pieces and growing.  The items that I will list on this blog are from The Silents to the 1940's.  In no way is this site meant to sell or buy items and its not a place to argue about Star Wars ruling over Hitchcock.   Everyone is welcome to comment on the blogs and items that will follow, and hopefully we can keep it all about our love of old movies and the stars that filled the silver screen.

I realize my collection may not appeal to everyones taste and I welcome hearing from and showing anyone else's items from this era.  The more the merrier.  Just realize that although some collect fridge magnets,  matchbooks and even beanie babies, thats a discussion for another site, and I am sure theres a website out there for anything collectible that you can imagine.  (Okay, I do collect fridge magnets)...Don't judge me.  There will be plenty of time for that later when we get started.  : )

Thank you for stopping by and please check back often.  To follow will be my first post and items, starting with Charles Farrell (one of my mothers favorites) and Janet Gaynor.

photos of some of my collection around the house (and yes the window has a curtain which was pulled aside).

some of my collection has a home on walls

on dressers

sadly a large amount is still in boxes

and some just need a wall to hang on. 

Are you ready for your closeup?


  1. Hey Nice blog,
    People are looking for authenticity when it comes to autographs and other celebrity collectibles and memorabilia.

  2. Thanks for responding and for stopping by. I hope you return. And if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.


  3. Very nice collection! I think I see Alice Faye in one of the framed photos on the wall. Do you cut your own mat board?

  4. Hi Tom,
    Yes thats Alice and a small sample of whats framed. No I have had all mats professionally cut and a lot framed due to size etc. Good to see you again. : )

  5. Is that Norma Talmadge in the second photo?

  6. Hi Claro! Welcome to the site. That is Norma Talmadge. I'll be doing a post on her and Constance sometime. I've just got so many autographs to get through it's pretty random unless someone has a suggestion.

  7. I can't wait to see it. Drop by my blog when you have a chance, I restore and color vintage photos from classic film and have several entries on the Talmadges. They're among my favorites.

  8. Please leave a link for your site! I buy a lot of photos to go with my autograph collection. Do you collect or sell as well

  9. I'm primarily a collector and only charge for commissioned works. If you see something you like, let me know. I'd be happy to trade for large digital scans from your collection.


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