Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quiet On The Set!

It's time to check back in with our hard working stars to see what they were up to between movie scenes.

Ann Sheridan who's very focused on studying her lines.

Betty Grable who looks just fabulous in her hula skirt while taking a break.

Debbie Reynolds getting her lipstick touched up between scenes.

Marlene Dietrich giving the 'side eye' on the set of The Flame of New Orleans (1941)

Greer Garson who looks very smart in her checkered suit between takes. (Not going to touch the flat beret since it's a costume)

Lana Turner who seems to be enjoying being carted up a hill for her next scene.

Linda Darnell who looks stunning while having her hair touched up.

Paulette Goddard doesn't even have to get out of her warm bath between takes to get her hair touched up. (I hope there are plenty of bubbles since she has peering eyes)

Laurence Olivier and Betty Hutton catching up during a break.

Shelly Winters, who seems very happy to be getting a bit of direction.

Peter O'Toole and Elizabeth Taylor relaxing between scenes. (I would love to know what or who they were chatting about)

June Allyson and Dick Powell look over a script while relaxing in his dressing room.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to return for my series on stars in furs and fabulous hats then my next star bio.  (I'm working on a few other things but that will just have to remain a secret for now.)


  1. Hi Page!
    All these pictures are so beautiful.
    I never saw a picture of Laurence Olivier and Betty Hutton together. Your blog is so amazing!

    Thanks to share with us.

  2. Page - can you please tell me:
    1. Where I can find Ann Sheridan's shoes?
    2. Who stuck a pancake on Greer Garson's head? and
    3. What the heck to do you think Laurence Olivier and Betty Hutton had to talk about?

    Yummy pics - great post as always.

  3. Page, I enjoy your movie star pictorials almost as much as your hilarious snarky pictorials! :-) Lovely pix, with some fascinating unlikely pair-ups, like Laurence Olivier and Betty Hutton! I enjoyed seeing husband-and-wife team Dick Powell and June Allyson, too (which reminds me that I should blog about MURDER, MY SWEET sometime before I become even more addlepated than I already am :-)). Swell photos and captions, as always!

  4. I love behind-the-scenes pictures. I have a soft spot for June and Richard.

    What movie was Olivier in that he was dressed that way? It's hard to recognize him in profile.

  5. @Rubi,
    Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the site. : )

    I always thought June and Dick was an odd pairing after Dick and Blondell. Talk about polar opposite and it's funny that Blondell and Allyson did that awful re-make of The Women titled Opposite of Sex after Joan's divorce. I wonder if it was awkward on set at all?
    Glad you enjoyed these and I do hope you'll write about Murder My Sweet.

    I had to laugh at Greer's odd hat and I want Ann's shoes too. I have a good pic of Dietrich wearing spats with an evening dress that's funny. The 40's styles are making another appearance and that's a good thing. A very stylish decade.

    I hope you're feeling better. As far as Olivier, It was around '52 so assuming it was for "Carrie" judging by his facial scruff and longer hair.
    Glad you enjoyed this photo series. As winter sets in I'll be doing a series on stars in furs and crazy hats.

  6. Just discovered Kevin's movie is fabulous...great reviews...great items on classic stars and films....can I sign up to be a member of this site? My email is

  7. Anon,
    Happy to have you as a member here and commenting along with the rest of old film lovers.
    There are several methods to getting an ID, Google then Disquis are just two options.
    Welcome aboard! : )

  8. I especially love that photo of Allyson and Powell! Thanks for sharing these great shots.

    Best wishes,

  9. Laura,
    So glad you enjoyed them. I'll be doing a post on Dick and June shortly, sharing the memorabilia I have on the talent couple. Already covered Joan Blondell awhile back.
    Have a great weekend.