Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!

Myrna Loy, Joan Blondell and her husband Dick Powell signing autographs for the troops.

Today we remember our Veteran's who have served our country with honor through the years. Yes, most of you might not know this but I did serve in the Navy throughout the 90's. I salute my fellow Veteran's as well as my father who served in the United States Navy with pride and he still serves today but in a different capacity. As a member of the Patriot Guards he travels to fallen soldiers and Veteran's funerals to provide security and to show his loyalty and honor for those who we've lost.  I also have a brother in law who is currently active duty in the USMC.  

I salute my family as well as everyone serving and who have served our great country in a time of war and during peacetime. 
May peace be with you today and every day. Words cannot express my gratitude.


  1. A big thank you for you, Page, for everything (including your wonderful bog).

  2. Great post Page. And I served in the army during the 90's so from one veteran to another..Happy Veterans Day!

  3. Hope you had a great Veteran's Day, Page, and no I did not know that about you. Thank you!

  4. Page, bless your heart, I knew you had family in the military, but I didn't realize you had served in the Navy throughout the 1990s! My admiration for you grows and grows, my friend! As I may have mentioned, I have relatives who served in both World Wars, so I can certainly relate. Thanks for the role that you and your loved ones played in keeping our country safe, and a heartfelt Happy Veterans' Day to you and yours!

  5. I didn't know you had been in the Navy. Thank you for what you, your family and all the veteran's have done. :)

    I love the photo you posted as well

  6. FlickChick, Monty (Thank You for your service), Cliff, Dorian and Jessica, Thank You so much for your very kind words, it means a lot to me.

  7. Hi, Your photograph of Myrna Loy, Joan Blondell and her husband Dick Powell signing autographs for the troops is stunning. I have a photo of Joan with U.S Troops at a USO camp in North Africa. I had planned to use it in a self published history book of women in WWII. Your photo is much more telling of how the troops responded. Would you consider giving me permission to use the photograph in the book Women's Work in WWII? The book is a tribute to women of the time and is my 6th book. Most print less than 500 copies. You can contact me at and I'll respond with a personal email id. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Hi,
      As someone who has served in the military I'm thrilled to hear about your book on our U.S. Troops and the USO. (Obviously I have a passion for both)

      I would be honored if you used the photo and please let us know your books title as well as it's publication date.

      Stop by any time and join in on our discussions.
      All the best!