Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hopefully nobody will have to hunt for their dinner like Judy Garland. 

Since part of Thanksgiving is getting together with loved ones over a giant helping of homemade goodies I thought I would take a different approach this Thanksgiving and show our fabulous old Hollywood stars out stuffing themselves.  Hopefully it will make you feel better about over indulging even though they probably didn't touch their plates because they were too full from sucking up all of the oxygen in the room. 

So get your comfy pants on with the elastic waist band and let's have a glimpse at the stars while they sit around a table. 

Al Jolson and Ingrid Bergman enjoying themselves over a fancy dessert. 

Ann Sheridan and Jeff Chandler graciously posing for a photo while out at dinner.

Dorothy Lamour and Betty Hutton are out on the town at The Brown Derby.

Dolores Gray, Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly find time to have a bit to eat at a local diner.

Gene Tierney and Victor Mature get serenaded while out at The Stork Club. (So far I've seen mostly smoking and drinking so hopefully we'll see some actual food)

Charlie Chaplin out with wife Paulette Goddard. (Well, at least they appear to actually be ordering something)

Gloria Valdez out with Clara Bow and husband Rex Bell. (Who eats with a giant fur on?)

Randolph Scott who appears to be deep in chat between courses.

Glenn Ford out with Evelyn Keyes

Virginia Bruce with Jimmy Stewart. I think the only time these stars actually ate was during awards shows.

Gloria Swanson seems to be having a grand time out with friends. I don't think we have to worry about there being any eating going on here either. The table is covered with purses but who can eat with that distracting zebra print hovering about? 

Jeannette MacDonald with husband, Gene Raymond (I see a dinner roll!)

Frank Sinatra having dinner with Lauren Bacall but the only food is being eaten by an unknown guest.

Ray Milland, Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings, enjoying a nice meal. I am betting that it's just strained broth. 

Betty Grable having dinner with her daughters, Victoria and Jessica. They were probably just there to feed the dolls! Just look at that fat little doll on the right.

Well okay, that was more of a public service announcement against smoking in restaurants but don't give up!

Greer Garson is here to save the day! She looks like she knows her way around a kitchen.

Wishing you all safe travels and blessings, that your day is filled with many things to be thankful for while surrounded by loved ones.


  1. amazing pictures and what a lovely blog you have =)

  2. Such a fun post, Page, as always! Wishing you and yous a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Renata,
    Thanks for the very nice comments. I hope you'll become a frequent visitor here and comment often.

    I can't imagine what these stars must have thought when asked to pose for these gimmicky holiday photos.

    I'm glad you got a kick out of my holiday post.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Save room for dessert!

  4. Fun post. Maybe they stayed so slim in those days because they just went to restaurants to chat.

  5. Great photos!!! What I wouldn't give to be at the table with Dorothy, Gracie, and Betty - food or not!!!

  6. Jacqueline,
    Glad you enjoyed it! I suspect you're correct about the dinners just being way to socialize, be seen and gossip.

    @Wacky Tacky,
    Ha Ha! That is quite the trio you listed. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll come back often and jump in our on discussions about old Hollywood.

  7. Jimmy Stewart!

    How can one not love Mr. Stewart?

  8. Hi Sam!
    I just love Jimmy too! He would be a fun dinner companion.
    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around often.

  9. So cute! I think my favorite of them all is Greer Garson cooking. I love these little photo montages you share :)

  10. Page, your pics and captions are great, as always! My favorite was Judy Garland -- she looks like she is terrified of that turkey! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving -- hope you get plenty of time to watch football... ;)

  11. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  12. @Jn,
    I love the pic of Greer too. I bet she was fun on family occasions. Glad you enjoyed my post.

    Poor Judy, having to wear that getup. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family too.

    @Dawn, To you and your family as well.


  13. Nice post Page -

    Is that Bob Cummings with Ray and Grace ???

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  14. Hi Dave,
    I know this will sound odd but I'm not that familiar with Robert Cummings but I'm going with it and trusting you here so I shall add that! lol

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
    See you back for the Six Degrees game. : )

  15. Page, I loved your photos of stars apparently doing everything EXCEPT eating! I guess our gal Jacqueline T. Lynch hit the nail on the head about stars going to restaurants only to chat (or be photographed), and that's how they stayed slim and trim for the camera! :-) I'm pretty sure the photo of Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, and Robert Cummings must have been taken when they were shooting DIAL "M" FOR MURDER. That photo of Betty Grable and her daughters really cracked me up, especially the crack about "the fat little doll on the right"!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, dear friend! See ya soon for Six Degrees!

  16. Dorian,
    Perhaps I should go to restaurants for photo ops only going forward! My waistline would thank me.

    So glad you and Vinnie had a great Thanksgiving Day with the kiddos.

    Glad you liked the photo montage of the non eaters.