Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sun Is Shining So Lets Have Some Fun Hollywood Style.

It's Good Friday and we're having some pretty nice weather going into Easter so hopefully everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy some down time outside with family and friends.  Or if you're spending the weekend all alone I hope you at least have a giant baked ham on hand.

We've seen the stars in their fabulous cars, on movie sets, participating in sports, and playing with their pets so we might as well gear up for summer by throwing some photos into the mix of them enjoying some summer activities.  Pull up your spanx and lather on some sunscreen so we can get started.

If you're 6 or Ann Francis you can get away with posing with or using a giant duck floatie. I don't even mind that her shorts look like a pair of bedazzled depends.

Carole Lombard proves I've been sunbathing like a pauper all these years. I never thought to bring my grandmothers fancy chaise lounge pillow, and a $300 silver flask/lotion case.  I'll be sure and get back with you if my new accessories go over well at the pool this summer.

Gene Tierney was so busy gathering up her radio and magazines (You have to look busy in these shoots) that she didn't notice her beach pad was the size of a Barbie sleeping bag. This would also answer the question of why they have her perched on the edge trying to hold on

Elizabeth Taylor looking thrilled to be photographed again. We've all sat on hot iron chairs in a bathing suit so I'm gonna give her a pass on this one.

Jayne Mansfield proving her image as a party girl to be true.  The guys in the background are waiting around to fish her out of the pool again. This is her third Nebuchadnezzar of champagne! (It's a religious holiday Jayne, pace yourself!)

You really didn't think you were going to see Barbara Stanwyck in a bikini posing with a flask or a child's floatie did you.....She's practical and I bet she gets her laps in before 5 a.m. every morning.

Ruby Keeler, bless her heart, she wasn't sure if this was a tennis shoot or an evening gown shoot so she came prepared for both.  I'm guessing this is the first time she realized she has a pool somewhere on her estate too.  Hold on tight Ruby, they'll crawl out there and get you in a few minutes.

Ronald Reagan trying to get Jane Wyman to stop laughing. She just noticed he's wearing Bonzo's pants from "Bedtime For Bonzo". I always knew he was frugal but I missed the part where he started to champion for recycling.

Susan Hayward showing Ruby Keeler exactly how these photo shoots are done. She's so hot they had to rope her off like a barking seal.  

Audrey Hepburn might want us to think she's going to climb that tree but we all know she's not going anywhere with those skinny arms and in those heels.  Hmmmm, I wonder if I could get away with this outfit at my parents lake house next weekend...Suddenly I hear my fathers voice "We DO have to live here after you leave, ya know!"

Grace Kelly proving that you CAN wear ruffled bathing suits past the age of 4 and still land a Prince.

I couldn't leave you ladies with that image of Reagan in your head so heres Tyrone Power. I need to borrow Carole's pillow, I think I'm going to faint!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.  Please leave a comment while I go return this 2lb bag of Cadbury Eggs now.  It was Susan Hayward that shamed me into it!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at the pictures. Gene Tierney was looking hot, then again, I suppose she always did.

    Cadbury eggs, eh? Now you're talking. Hand some over, come on, I'm waiting!

  2. Very interesting post with great pictures !

  3. Hi Preston,
    You have Cadbury Eggs readily available where you are but I will share! I think Gene was very attractive too and stay tuned for my post on her with great photos and her autograph from my collection.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you'll have a look around in the archives and come back often.


  4. Page, a fun post to inspire thoughts of sultry summer nights and ultra yummy Tyrone Power. I have a supply of Cadbury’s malted eggs, but I think I’d rather look at Ty Power. Am I mistaken or is Carole Lombard sitting on a faux fur or marabou throw? Perhaps great in theory, but I can imagine a hot day would turn scorching on a marabou throw. Best wishes to you and your family for a lovely Good Friday and Easter weekend.

  5. Gypsy,
    You have a great eye! Sun bathing on a faux fur really does make me feel like a pauper but thats okay since I sweat enough out by the pool without swathing myself in fur to create a perfect background. Ha Ha The prop department was on a tear that day.
    Thanks for the well wishes, enjoy your holiday as well.

  6. These are hilarious!

    The pic of Wyman and Reagan is cute but those swim trunks (or whatever they are) really are quite appalling!

    A lot of these 'bathing beauty' shots crack me up. Especially the ones with ridiculous props (e.g., Carole Lombard!). You'd be surprised how many photos I've seen of actresses posing with awkward over-sized floaties like Anne Francis. I know that I've seen Olivia de Havilland with a similar prop and I think Ann Sheridan and Joan Crawford, too. So silly!

  7. Audrey,
    These props are pretty hilarious! I've got one of Dorothy Sebastian straddling what looks like a giant sea horse in the middle of a vacant beach.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Page, I don't think it's nice to torture a woman with these gorgeous bathing beauties after she has spent the day scarfing down Reese's peanut butter eggs, a bag of M&Ms, 4 mimosas and enough Coca-Cola to float Cleopatra's barge! I can only think of one comment to your fun blog -- I'm going back on a diet!

  9. Becky,
    I need to stay on the Elliptical for two days straight after my Easter weekend pig outs! : (

  10. hahahahahaha, LOVED this post Page, really. Thanx alot , I'm eating popcorn and Susan shamed me too ;) ans Tyron was always one of my favorits in old Hollywood ;) since i was 11 I recall :D :D .

    maybe a little late but Happy Easter to you .

  11. Mmmm,
    Thanks for stopping back by and for the Easter well wishes.
    It's good to see you here again and I'm so glad you are liking these funny photo posts! I used to be really big into buying glam shots but lately candids have become my favorites.