Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm not ready for my closeup! Part 7

I'm working on a Ramon Novarro post which is taking a bit longer than expected but hopefully I'll have it up early tomorrow.  In the meantime lets have another quick look back at our favorite actors and how they spent their time between movie scenes.

Virginia Mayo on the set of "Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N." 1951

Mae West having her signature blonde locks styled.

Elizabeth Taylor standing in the wrong light (or fantastic lighting, however you want to look at it) on the set of "Cleopatra" 1963

Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper having a moment on set

Dorothy Lamour, always beautifully put together.  I don't think she was capable of taking a bad photo.

Marilyn Monroe on the set of "Some Like it Hot" 1959

Greer Garson an Teresa Wright studying lines between scenes.

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh on the set of "Gone With the Wind" 1939

James Dean enjoying a moment of solitude on the set of "Giant" 1956

Clark Gable and Joan Blondell on the set of "Adventure" 1945

Mary Astor taking a moment to pose for a photo between filming.  I don't think she ever was much of a smiler but I'm sure standing under Klieg lights while wearing a fur isn't too comfortable.)

Bette Davis gets some direction from George Cukor.  (Well okay, it was probably the other way around!)

The beautiful Bessie Love takes a break from filming.

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!

Feel free to leave a comment and please check back for my Novarro post followed up by a new pictorial review (The film I chose is a secret for now.) If you haven't had the chance to leave a pictorial review suggestion please add to our discussion in the post below this one.  Thanks again for all of your great suggestions and lovely comments

Enjoy your weekend, 


  1. Thank you Audrey! : )
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Don't you just love Mae West's... ummm .... bodice? Kind of spotlights her assets....

    Gable and Blondell look like chums -- she was so pretty. You're right about Lamour -- always a knockout.

    I am looking forward to you Navarro post. I always thought he was so handsome. As usual, nice pics, page!

  3. Thanks Becky! : )
    I thought for sure you would comment on Taylor's see through nightie. LOL
    My Novarro post is coming along..He was very handsome and I think you'll be quite pleased with the photos I'll be including.

  4. I love the one of Greer Garson and Teresa Wright and Dorothy Lamour! Thanks for sharring all of these.

    And I noticed Taylor's see through nightie...ummmm lol I guess my thing is that's when she was starting to gain weight so she was a tad...hippy?

  5. Jn,
    I so left out Teresa Wright! Thanks for taking notice, a girl needs all the publicity she can get! : )
    Great seeing you here and I hope you'll come back soon.

  6. Some great pictures here. Glad you posted another picture of Greer Garson, although I must admit the Elizabeth Taylor one got my attention!


  7. Hi Graham,
    I like that picture of Greer, she's always reminded me of one of my aunts and I imagine she would have been delightful to sit down and have dinner with or a cup of tea.

    Elizabeth was something and even with a few added pounds she was always a beauty.