Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's have another AWWW moment.... Queue the adorable!

Alan Ladd, his son David and their adorable pooches.

Al Jolson relaxing by his pool while showing off his little buddy.  (I think he needs a longer lounger! That doesn't look very comfortable)

Charles Buddy Rogers and wife Mary Pickford, arriving via train with a well behaved companion.

Ann Francis with one precious little puppy.

Carole Lombard in her backyard with her beloved dogs.

Errol Flynn with wife Lili Damita enjoying a day of sailing with their boxer.

Clark Gable getting some yard work done with his trusty companion. (I never look this pulled together while doing yard work but then again it is 'The King')

Frances Drake managing to look flawless and composed with a little monkey.

Jayne Mansfield with one of her many Chihuahuas.

Dolores Del Rio visiting fans while traveling with her little guy in tow.

Doris Day spending some quality time at home with her pets.

Shirley Temple with one of the many pets she had as a child.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and this gorgeous spring weather with your own pet if you have one.
Feel free to comment on the photos or even if you own a dog (or monkey) like any of these stars. 



  1. Page, I just love these pawsome pet pictures! This past weekend we added a "new" 10 week old furry friend to our family.

  2. Dawn,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment! Congrats on the new addition. : ) I love these candids and seeing the stars enjoying themselves. A lot of fun.

  3. I really envy Errol Flynn's companion -- I mean the dog, not the wife. The dog probably had a longer-lasting relationship with Errol than any of his women!

    Alan Ladd and his son are really birds of a feather, aren't they? They should have had a blonde dog, too.

    Very cute pics, Page. I'm with Dawn, I like the furry star pets!

  4. Hi Page,

    You left out Laughing Gravy. Do a Google image search for "Laughing Gravy" and you will find pics of him with Laurel and Hardy. He was the dog in the 1931 L&H movie by the same name. Charlie Hall does his best to get rid of the dog, but Ollie takes most of the abuse.

    Also check out my Bit Actors Blog about the Our Gang comedy Pups is Pups for just about the cutest gang of puppies you can imagine. It is one of their best shorts.

    To find it, click on the Pups is Pups label on the right side of -

  5. Hi Bit Part!
    I was doing this series on stars with their personal pets but now that you brought that up, it would be fun to look back at movie pets. Although I assume they've been written about a lot.

    My favorite movie pet is the dog in "Bringing Up Baby" George was a little mess but he had his moments, then theres Grant chasing him around while he's digging holes which was pretty funny.

    Thanks for the link for your pups post. I've got to go check that out.

  6. Becky,
    You love Errol as I know but you are correct on his companions shelf life. These actors must have had a lot of pets because I have a lot of pics where they have different dogs. Like Alan Ladd with bigger dogs in the previous pet post.
    As long as they were well taken care of it's fine with me.

  7. Hi Page. Speaking of dogs in movies, after Lassie, the most famous was Asta in The Thin Man series. His best movie is After the Thin Man (1936). Don't miss it!

  8. Bit Part! Of course Asta...I cut my cinematic teeth on the Thin Man series. My mother adored the series so I used to watch them with her as a little girl. : ) Powell and Loy are my favorite comedic duo although I think George is cuter.

  9. That "Thin Man" dog Asta was not only also in "Bringing Up Baby," but in "Topper Takes A Trip" and "The Awful Truth." Audiences of the day loved him.

  10. Vincent,
    I had no idea that was the same dog! Thats interesting since I knew they were the same breed but for some reason George looked bigger and boy was he a 'Nasty Little Cur" lol