Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stars and their fabulous cars: Part 1

I not only love old Hollywood but classic cars so I thought it would be fun to feature some of the fantastic cars driven by the stars in the early days of Hollywood.  This will be in several parts over the next week so let's jump right in.

Greta Garbo in her 1920's convertible

Ida Lupino

Jean Harlow with one of her many convertibles

Humphrey Bogart looking very dapper next to his convertible

silent screen actress Hope Hampton

Olivia de Havilland looking like she's dressed in horse riding gear (I'll refrain from the obvious horse power joke)

Rita Hayworth, stunning next to her 4 door sedan

Adrienne Ames with her 2 door Roadster in front of her Hollywood mansion

Lupe Velez

blonde bombshell Diana Dors cruising around Hollywood in her convertible

Thanks for stopping by and please return for Part 2 as well as my continuing posts on the early Academy Awards as well as more of my autograph collection.


  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing them, Page! I love Bogie's car :) And Olivia de Havilland is so stylish!

  2. Old cars had so much more character! I hate that people in Hollywood all drive giant SUVs and nothing special. All those these cars are definitely as classy as the stars who drove them!

  3. Fantastic collection!

    I got to see Harlow's house on Club View Drive last November (same one as in the above photo.) It hasn't changed at all. Rin Tin Tin lived across the street from her.

  4. Claros,
    It's funny you mentioned Rin Tin Tin! I did a post on Harlow and mentioned him under Fun Facts. I didn't realize Tallulah was in "Little Foxes". Thats whats great about doing this blog. Such great facts and interesting trivia that I'm not aware of are relayed by Classic Hollywood fans.

    I hope you took pics of Harlow's house! I drove around Hollywood and surrounding areas a few years ago with a friend from L.A. looking for Falcon Lair (Valentino's residence). We never found it and I've heard rumors part of it was torn down to it's still there.