Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Mary Pickford in her Christmas photo op

Anita Ekberg showing off her stockings

A young Debbie Reynolds as a life size doll. What a cutie!

Rita Hayworth beautiful in red

Deanna Durbin wearing an interesting garland vail

Dolores Del Rio fabulous in fur (Don't tell PETA)

Carole Lombard looking adorable next to a very Charlie Brown tree

Jane Greer who's not in need of much, just a Club Coupe, a mink coat and something to cover her legs

A young Ingrid Bergman having fun in the snow

Louise Brooks who makes even a miniature tree look glamorous

Gene Tierney in a very festive blouse. Of course it's not near as tacky as the Christmas sweaters we see today. (Sorry mom)

Lupe Velez having fun in the snow

Kim Novak decorating yet another really sad tree.

Betty Grable delivering packages and her million dollar legs 

Claire Trevor having a conversation

Annette Funnicello looking adorable

Shirley Temple and her dolly

Janet Leigh with her adorable pooch

Myrna Loy decked out in leather for her trek across a studio lot.

Ann Sheridan looking stunning on skis

Diana Dors keeping our attention away from another unfortunate looking tree

Elizabeth Taylor selling candles on QVC.  Oops she's just in the Christmas spirit.

Jane Mansfield decorating a tree in her nightie (I would expect no less)

Marilyn Monroe having a grand time in the snow

Shirley Temple decorating a snow man that resembles one of Lon Chaney's characters

Martha Hyer forcing a smile for her obligatory Christmas still

the adorable Natalie Wood

Rita Hayworth posing with skis while wearing the most inappropriate ski outfit possible.

a young Elizabeth Taylor sledding on fake snow (So we are to believe)

Ann Rutherford chopping down her Christmas tree in culottes and high heels

Ruth Roman in the smallest sleigh I've ever seen (She must have borrowed Shirley Temple's prop)

Jean Harlow looking beautiful as usual in front of her Christmas tree

Elizabeth Taylor stylish in her late teens

Grace Bradly in shorts and high heels ready to have a hike on snow shoes in her "Winter Wonderland"

A young Joan Crawford looking very uncomfortable while posing with what appears to be every Christmas remnant from the studio prop department

No early Christmas would be complete without a Joan Crawford and family Christmas photo op

However you spend your holidays I hope that you have a safe and joyful holiday season.  Thank you for stopping by for the last three months and I hope you keep returning for my posts on the great stars from the silents to the 1940's.  .  


  1. Love that Deanna pic! Merry Christmas!

  2. I second Tom on the Deanna Durbin pic. I love her. This whole gallery is so much fun. Happy Holidays!

  3. LOL, now I know what you meant over my blog! Nice collection of pictures, Page! Merry Xmas!!!

  4. Nice gallery! I noticed that Jane Greer also had Cary Grant on her wish list...she had taste as well as looks!

  5. Nice photos--thanks for posting. The actress you identify as Claire Trevor is Diana Lynn.