Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Soft, Beautiful Babies

My gosh, the last time I posted it was cold outside and I was showing off our classic celebs in fur. That is the sad state of things around here. So far behind on everything and I apologize about that. Especially to those of you who have been loyal commenters, visitors here.

I started a new job recently which is taking up a lot of my evenings then there's my need to Tweet about politics and other stuff. (We are in the midst of a major election here though, so keeping up with politics should be on everyone's agenda.)

My main thing lately though is working to adopt a dog. Since my parents dogs both passed I have been extremely depressed about it and feeling like it's time I get my own little companion. Adoption is the route I plan to take as there are so many adorable little furry babies in need of a home. My dog breed of choice is an English Bulldog and they certainly aren't cheap. Now that I've confused everyone of course the next step is to post some classic celebrities with their loyal companions. (Aren't you thrilled I'm not posting photos of more fur? ha ha)  It's over 100 degrees here so that would just be silly!

Vivien Leigh tries to corral her cat. 

Hmmm, is this the same cat? Did Kim Novak borrow it from the same prop department?

A sweet candid of Norma Talmadge relaxing with her babies.

Jeanette MacDonald serenades this furry little fella.

The very stylish, Gene Tierney poses with her dogs at her Hollywood home.

Dolores Del Rio is not to be outshone by Tierney. Is this how one dresses to walk a dog? If so, I am going to have to invest in a new wardrobe. 

Clark Gable certainly was one of Hollywood's biggest animal lovers and this was one if his smallest friends on his ranch. Very sweet!

Jean Simmon's little friend gets a belly rub. 

Linda Darnell holds tight to a couple of lucky babies.

Glenda Farrell. Is that the same cat? I swear that it she same cat! ha ha

If any of you are reading please let me know what type of pet you have. I can't wait to see. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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