Thursday, December 17, 2015

I'm Back and The Dames Are Fabulous In Fur!

Hello, loyal readers!
I apologize for my extended absence. I'm back now and ready to move forward with my snarky photo reviews, fun series on Classic Hollywood fashion then what readers find most interesting, my Hollywood at Home posts. I won't spoil the surprise with who's homes we'll tour in 2016 so stay tuned.  I've got a lot to blog about and I appreciate your patience and for my loyal readers, thank you so much for coming back these past 4 years. It means the world to me.

Today, it's 35 degrees here so nothing like a Fabulous In Fur post as we approach the holidays.

 Anna May Wong, clearly channeling Claudette Colbert with the bangs hoping to land a picture with Clark Gable.  Unless she plans to use those talons she may end up in a pile of bark chips. Claudette does not play!

 Silent actress, Alice Brady must have been on the downside of her career here as they pieced together one of Errol Flynn's coats and Mae West's garter  to make her a simple muff. Still, it's enough fur to land on my winter Fabulous Fur post. If you're up there, Alice, you made it!

Bebe Daniels is clearly above publicity photos even while draped in fur. It's left her somnolent. Either that or she stopped by Barbara Lamarr's on her way to the studio again. 

 Carole Lombard out with husband, Clark Gable. In fur head to toe. Bought and paid for! No need to pose in fur from the wardrobe department when you go home to The King every night.

 Linda Darnell looks divine in her mink coat. Just a another Thursday night in Hollywood for an innocent young actress on her way to the corner soda shop.

 Mary Astor with first husband, Kenneth Hawks. Proving move stars can get away with anything. A fur, no makeup and sandals. Really, Mary?!

 Sonja Henie and Tyrone Power look to be having a grand old time. 

 Virgina Bruce is dressed in her full length fur as she testifies during her third husband Ali Ipar's trial that landed him in prison.  (If your wife shows up to court dressed in a full length fur with this look on her face, call a sidebar, kick your lawyer, do whatever it takes to keep her from taking the stand.)

 Bessie Love looks like I feel seeing this. It's hard to believe at least 30 beavers gave their lives for this ensemble.  (By the size of the hat I think it was originally made for Fatty Arbuckle.)

 The very demure, Marion Davies is perfection here. Like a yard sale full of marked down cotton balls. Except, it's really expensive fur. This had to be the photo William Randolph Hearst saw that drove him mad to be with her.

This is the sexiest publicity still I've seen of Betty Hutton. Kitten heels, the baby blue ribbon and the spray tan. Watching her in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN you might not believe she had four husbands but after seeing her here, the men must have been waiting in line for a date or even a conversation.

Stay cozy warm and fabulous, even if it's not in the finest fur! I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with PETA.


  1. Great to see a new post from you Page! Always lots of fun :-)

  2. Great post and beautiful photos!

  3. Gabe must not have wanted this one taken. That's the phoniest smile he's ever allowed. We all have our bad shots, but this is Clark Gable doing this!

  4. Don't know exactly where this should post--if you want it. BUT--Clyde Beatty's co-star in Republic's 1st serial, 1936's DARKEST AFRICA, Manuel King, died on March 28, at 92. He was 10 or 12 when schooled in lion training by Beatty's 2nd teacher, John C. Guilfoyle, who got shafted on pay. King played the jungle boy to Beatty's jungle/circus hero, and Ray "Crash" Corrigan showed up in his gorilla suit. King worked lion acts for several years before moving into safer pursuits.

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