Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fabulous Films of the 1940s, CMBA Blogathon entry: The Philadelphia Story

This is my entry for the CMBA Blogathon: Fabulous Films of the 1940s. For the rest of the entries just click on the link HERE

When deciding on a film for the Blogathon I knew immediately that I wanted to do another snarky photo review but choosing a film took a minute or two. The Philadelphia Story is my favorite comedy behind Bringing Up Baby which I had snarked on awhile back for another Blogathon. Is it okay to try to provide humor for another already very funny film? What to do? Well here I am again, paying homage to another wonderful comedy in my own way. I do hope you'll enjoy my take on it and you weren't expecting another serious review of this film. As a fan of classic cinema, we've all seen it and we've read plenty scholarly write ups on it.

If you're ready and you have your humor caps on. lets get started!

The Philadelphia Story, 1940. The critical darling was nominated for six Oscars and it took home two. Best Actor for Jimmy Stewart and Best Writing/Screenplay for Donald Ogden Stewart. Kate and Ruth Hussey were also nominated. Sadly, Cary Grant was snubbed.  Of course, Joseph Mankiewicz for Best Picture then George Cukor received a nod for Best Director.  


Cary Grant as C.K. Dexter Haven
James Stewart as Macaulay Connor
Katharine Hepburn as Tracy Lord
Ruth Hussey as Elizabeth Imbrie
John Howard as George Kittredge
Roland Young as Uncle Willie
John Halliday as Seth Lord
Mary Nash as Margaret Lord
Virginia Weidler as Dinah Lord

Director: George Cukor for MGM Studios
Costumes by Adrian

 We open to C.K. Dexter and his wife, Tracy, who's either having a very high end garage sell or he's in big trouble. 

 If my husband had a look like that on his face I would run and hide but this is a 1940s comedy so he'll probably pratfall into a vat of oysters.

 She's strong for someone who weighs about 60 lbs. 

 You just don't mess with a man's golf clubs, especially on the front porch. Pretty sure this is an illegal activity.

She's such a mean looking woman but she's managed to land another man. Keep your homeowners insurance up buddy and good luck.

We meet Tracy's little sister, Dinah. She's a real piece of work. Just picture a miniature version of Judith Anderson in Rebecca. Except this one's armed with a yo-yo instead of matches.

She's making fun of diamonds. Dinah Short is a little snob. I bet she hates party balloons, puppies, caviar and sunny days.

When Kate smiles through clinched teeth we know she's hating on someone. It's the ex for now.  I know he tried to knock her block off but it's Cary Grant and they were nice golf clubs.

The Demon Seed is praying something bad happens. She's also on Team Cary Grant. This new fiancée, George must be a real ogre.

Oh, I think she's going to chloroform Dinah.  

Here's the fiancée, George. Tracy tells him he looks awful. She's such a peach in tweed. I can see why she attracts so many men. 

Just when I think she can't get any more likable she throws George to the ground and throws dirt all over him.  Mating rituals certainly are different for the upper class. 

He's ambitious and she's turned off! I can tell by her giant, clinched teeth. The horse looks very uncomfortable to be put in this situation. 

George: "Is there any way to maneuver this thing close enough to my fiancée so I can accidentally kick her in the teeth?"

We head over to Dime and Spy magazine with Mike and his lovely sidekick, Elizabeth.  (Here's a tip..If your hat is so high that we can't see Cary Grant behind you then go for something a little less origami boaty.)

The head of the magazine has talked this ambitious duo into covering the wedding of the year. Of course the ex has ulterior motives. I hope it's to kidnap Danvers Jr. then rescue George.

Meddlesome Mike and Lois Lumineers can't wait to start going through the Lord's fancy possessions. They're on Team Resent the Upper Class.

While Mike amuses himself with fancy phones, Lois Lumineers struts around taking photos. She seems to be enjoying this. We know this because her feather seems to be getting taller. 

Now that Mike has figured out fancy phones it's time to test it out with a prank phone call. These people are connected so I'm sure there's a direct line button there, straight to the President. 

Instead he gets the Mad Hatter and her souless snit.  The prank call gets blamed on the hired help who must be drunk before noon. By the looks of that room, this must happen a lot. 

Dinah Short's thrilled! I think she's hoping Tracy gets beat up again. This kid should have been sent off to boarding school.

It's hard to pull one over on Kate when she's wearing a tailored pant suit but we give it a go. 

She's sniffed out that the unwelcome wedding guests are actually reporters, there to get to the bottom of her father's escapades with a young ballerina. (Please don't hand Kate scissors, there's a time and a place to get rid of her split ends. She's got Joan Crawford problems!) 

 Apparently the family is being blackmailed. I really do hope the guilty parties show up. This weekend needs a rich man and his ballerina side piece.  Plus the ballerina and Dinah Short can have a dance off.

 Kate has the same expression that she always does but she's going to be sick all over her pantsuit. This film just has one tragedy after another.

 The crazy mother has no idea what's going on. I doubt she even knows she has a husband or that she's raising the weirdest girls on the planet. Danvers Jr. is tickled that she gets to play a prank on common folk. Stick around to see if it involves a yo-yo.

 Mike appears to be doing inventory of the silver in the study. This is going to be some article. 

 They're startled by something across the room. 

 Oh, Gawd! It's Dinah Short who's doing some weird Gertrude Stein meets Anna Pavlova.

This is why rich kids should stay in boarding schools. Left unattended, they scare people. 

 Mike: "What do you think is wrong with her?"
Elizabeth: "Give me a minute, at least until she stops spinning!"
Mike: "I'm going to be ill!"

 This right here is why the servants stay sauced! Oh, Lydia! 

 Queue Tracy for her part of the show. She's really let her hair down for this charade. Gone is the pant suit and Hellllooo, gingham ruffled up!

 Most women avoid 30 lbs of ruffles and print because it isn't flattering to the figure. For some odd reason, it's the opposite with the wealthy. If Ma Kettle were to wear that...Well, you get the idea. Mike has the right idea. Just don't look at it!

 Our souless snit lays it on thick with a weird Bela Lugosi accent from White Zombie. (It's amazing how Kate can unhinge her jaw to show happiness)

 Mike: "What in the world did she have on?" 
Elizabeth: "Gingham, ruffled up!...I saw it in a fashion magazine once. Very expensive!"
Mike: "I don't think caviar and disdain have enough calories and why do rich people sound like Count Dracula or that egomaniac, Gertrude Stein?"
Elizabeth: "What about that strange kid and the way she sidles up? It's just creepy!"

 Mother has no idea who these two are. If we could get these two name tags, it would shave off about 20 minutes of the movie.

 You've got to keep your eyes on that spindly fella. He has this strange obsession with the silver.

 Uncle Willie, who wanders around clueless is chosen to fill in for Father Lord. (Have you seen the price of that giant flower pot at Lowes? These people really are rich!)

The only one who knows whats going on is Danvers Jr. so it's safe to say that someone is going to end up dead, almost dead or missing.

 Dinah's back and she's playing charades. Just spill it Dinah, even if you have to sing it!

 The real Father Lord shows up without the ballerina. Guessing she was sent off to fat camp after one too many trips to the olive bar.

 Mike heads over to the local library to do some research on the Lords. Just direct him to the Stranger than Fiction, section.

 He runs into Wee Willie Winkie, who's there reading his book until it's time to run through the town.

 Mike: "Where do you find your outfits?"
Tracy: "I've unhinged my jaw to smile, don't ruin this moment."

 Apparently Lois Lumineers has stopped by the same spa from "The Woman" because she jumps to the conclusion that these two are sneaking off to have a fling. (Just pray, Joan Crawford isn't in town for a Tanqueray convention!)

 Just because you don't look directly at the striped vest, doesn't make it disappear.  

 This is the saddest pool party I've ever seen. Even the hedges look miserable.

 Apparently W.C. Fields has been sneaking onto the property for late night swims. 

This is Kate, pulling off sexy and seductive. You're welcome! (I can assume that padded swimsuits weren't available in 1940?)

 Oh, we're back to long and flowy. Make up your mind, Kate. 

 The ex shows up to make sure there's nothing strange going on. He has spent time with these people, right?

 C.K.: "Are you gaining weight? I can't see the celery stick you ate yesterday."

 Here's George. It appears he's been hiding dinosaur clavicles by the looks of his nose. Oops! Wrong movie. 

 The cameraman is quite clever! It appears that Kate has turned into Louise Brooks from afar. 

 C.K. has left Tracy a wedding gift. A replica of their yacht, the True Love. (Are we to believe this one? Was the vessel name, Miserably Rich, already taken?)

 It's so very yar! Can muscle tone and water adding 10 lbs be yar?

 Uncle Willie is getting his flirt on. (I love Roland Young..he needs a bigger role and more alcohol. Let's hope he finds the gardeners stash or Dinah Short to drive him crazy.)

 Everyone has left Tracy to get ready for the dinner party over at Uncle Willies. She's not a drinker but tonight we've got some lives to ruin and hopefully more amazingly odd fashion to model.

 Yes, even Uncle Willies mansion is strange. It appears that the property stops and is replaced by a cardboard landscape within a few feet. 

 Tracy is lit up like a Christmas Cracker. Any normal man would leave town but George, he's an odd one. At least if they had written in that he digs up stuff he'd have something to do.

 Apparently the upper class sit around and suck lemons when not dancing or gossiping. 

 Mike, who's clearly pickled feels the need to scream and commandeer vehicles. Luckily there are no neighbors, just more cardboard scenery and some shrubs.

 Because he was able to get Tracy to smile and do a couple of high dives, he believes she's human enough to be in love. The first hurdle is to find out if C.K. Dexter Haven still has feelings for her. 

 As amusing as this is, I'm distracted by the stuffed animal heads. C.K. has spent a lot of time in Africa but all he managed to poach was a malnourished raccoon and a fox?

 And who mounts a raccoons tail? Don't the rich usually have those things made into a hat?

 Handling another mans guns is a big party foul. (We need to get to the bottom of what's going on. Jimmy is losing weight by the second. At this rate, he'll need to be propped up by the end of this.) 

 Someone has gone and killed Tracy. Hopefully it was Danvers Jr. That kid needs some jail time.

 C.K.: "Is she dead?"
Elizabeth: "You're not that lucky!..Have you seen, Philip Marlowe Lite?"

 Kate's hair has settled down and she's too drunk to speak. If he's going to fall back in love with her this would be the time.

 Avoiding a dangerous gun incident the next step is to get in the car with a drunken harpie. (It's a good thing the countryside is made up of cardboard and plastic plants so these rich idiots can't hurt themselves.)

 These two kids have a death wish. It's on to operation get electrocuted at the cement pond.

 Not content to get through the night unharmed, it's time to run the wheels off of expensive wicker.

 Is it me or is Kate's hair getting fuller as the night progresses? She's turning into a pretty little, drunk idiot. This must be the Tracy that C.K. and George fell in love with then she sobered up. She's a modern day, Cinderella.

These two finally kiss. When they stand close together they come close to making one whole shadow. I hope they get married so they finally eat something. Even if it's wedding cake.

 Well, these two can't wander off too far. Another few feet and they're going to hit green screen. (These outdoor sets are like The Truman Show.)

 After the sane ones spend the night working on more blackmail material that will sink a couple of careers it's time for bed. Why can't anyone midnight swim or snoop around? The wrecking balls in the backyard need some company.

 Eagle Eye makes his way to the Hall of Silver just in time.

 C.K. "Did I just see you digging up old boots, George?"
George: "No, it couldn't be me. I'm just here to wander around looking pensive and confused."  Have you seen, Dinah? My shoes laces were tied to a gazelle when I woke up!"

 God, really does watch out for fools and children because these two have managed to return unscathed.

 One of these two is falling out of love while the other is falling back in love. It's all very confusing given that it's Kate and she's carousing with a commoner.

 Mike: "She's broken my back and two ribs!"
C.K. "She only weighs 60 lbs before a swim!"
George: "Do any of you realize I'm here?"

 C.K.Dexter Haven tries to knock another head off. I'm never a fan of violence but when it comes to these people. At least trip George for being such a boring dolt.

 This will only hurt for another 15 minutes. 

 Danvers Jr. has seen and heard everything. At least the trystettes are soused so they won't feel a thing when they're strangled with a yo-yo.

 It's the wedding day and everyone is hungover except the hired help, which is odd.

 I know the first thing I do when I can't wait to gossip is bridle the closest Shetland to a crate then pray someone with a hangover happens by.

 Tracy can't remember anything from the night before. If Lois Lumineers fell down on the job and didn't get enough pictures for a front page spread, I'll be disappointed. Sadly, she lost her camera somewhere between getting assaulted by Uncle Willie and the stuffed raccoons.

 Danvers Jr. can't wait to let it be known that she saw everything that went on last night from her bedroom window by the sea, the beautiful sea!

 Mike is still in love this morning with the wrong girl. I think he just wants to get his hands on that very large collection of silver. There's something off with this kid. 

 I can't decide if this hairstyle was molded to the hat or vice versa but what it needs is a few more long curls and a rhinestone belt. (She still doesn't recognize Mike even though he's been hanging around for what seems like a month.) They're all crackpots!

 C.K. Dexter Haven is quite amused at all of this. Who wouldn't be when you can go around punching people and still be invited to their fancy parties?

 Even the wedding cake looks hungover. 

 Poor, George! He's still confused. He left a note letting Tracy know he was through then he shows up dressed for a wedding. He does know he was the groom, right?

 Impromptu dancing to celebrate other peoples misery!

 Because everything takes place in the backyard, everyone has forgotten that at least 50 people have been seated for a wedding ceremony. 

 George wandered off again so Mike volunteers to be the groom. (That is the strangest wedding dress, or is it a negligee?)  Poor, Lois Lumineers! I hate when Ruth Hussey gets the short end of everything.

 Whatever you decide to do is fine with us dear! Just make a decision quickly. Will Rogers wants his hat back by 4:00.

 Oh, this has made Dinah Short very happy. I don't like this at all.

 Tracy: "Am I smiling? I feel like I'm smiling. Who's carrying me down the aisle? I haven't eaten in weeks." 

This movie needs a sequel where they all meet up in 10 years for a hunting trip at Dinah Shorts ranch.  Mother Lord arrives with Will Rogers and George shows up to win Tracy over with his winning personality.

Boy, this review is late, late and I apologize for that!  At least now I can get caught up with the other Blogathon entries and if you haven't done so, please click the link at the top of the post. 

Thanks for indulging me with this madness! There's so much to love about this film and Jimmy Stewart certainly deserved his Best Actor Oscar for his hilarious portrayal of Macaulay Connor. Roland Young, who was such a talented actor, stood out for me, which is hard to do when you're on-screen with Cary and Kate.



  1. CK Dexter Haven has to be one of the all-time great movie character names. Though whenever I see "Tracy Lord" I keep imagining Kate as a porn star and then I reach for the brain bleach...

    1. Rich,
      I agree that C.K. Dexter Haven is a cool name but after Stewart screams it for the 10th time I get a little less keen on it every time.
      I do not want to picture Kate as a porn star or even in shorts. : (
      Thanks for stopping by for my Blogathon post.

  2. "You don't mess with a man's golf clubs." Truer words were never spoken.

    OK. I'm never going to look at Dinah or Mrs. Danvers the same way every again!

    1. CW,
      Are we certain that Judith Anderson didn't have a child that she named Virginia? I think it might be worth looking into. ha ha

      Thanks for getting through this very long photo review.

  3. Kate does look mean in that photo and I'm worried about Dinah! Nice homage in your own unique style, Page. Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Thanks so much, Rich.
      I'm glad it gave you a laugh or two. Such a great film that it needed to be included in this Blogathon.

      See ya over at your place!

    2. Ooops! Rick, that was a typo. It's been a long day.

  4. OMG you just gave me a much-needed laugh! You made Dinah Short/Mrs. Danvers far more entertaining here than in the film itself! And it's a film I love. Your snark is in rare form.

    1. Brian,
      If my photo reviews make you laugh then I'm happy. : ) It is good to have a good laugh at least once a day.
      Glad to see you like this film as much as I do. That Dinah is a real mess.

  5. I love this movie so much that I named my car "Dex." Awesome post, Page - lots of laughs with a wink and a smile.

    1. FlickChick,
      That's hilarious that you named your car after Dexter. My car is also named but it's Tallulah. (I don't feel so weird now!)

      I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for the compliments and for getting through such a long post.

  6. I don't care for this film at all (don't like Katharine Hepburn, and I'm not much into comedy), but I DID enjoy your post. You picked an awesome selection of photos, and I love all the captions you had for them.

    What a creative and fun entry to the blogathon!!

    By the way, do you like the High Society version of the film? I do like that one.

    1. Hi, Patti!
      So glad you enjoyed my take on the film. It's difficult to try to find humor in a film for this type of review when the film has so many laugh out loud moments so I appreciate the compliment.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I forgot to say that I did enjoy High Society although Grace Kelly just wasn't a favorite actress. And knowing the history she had with Bing, well there is that. She was brilliant at creating this mystique, and illusions that she was this perfect person (without flaws).

      Of course that has nothing to do with the film but while it was also successful it doesn't come close to the original and it's script.
      A great question!

  7. Hi Page, Love this movie (though not fond of Tracy Lord, so got perverse joy from the snarky cracks aimed in her direction) and enjoyed your, as always, unique photo/caption review. Love your take on the little sister as a mini-Mrs. Danvers.

    1. Lady E,
      I'm so glad you liked this one. I re-worked this dang thing so many times that I thought I was losing my own mind. One more re-write and you might have found me roaming around my neighborhood, screaming "C.K. Dexter Haven"

      That Dinah was something else. And she did resemble Judith in a few scenes. ha ha

  8. Page, This is awesome! It has humor but pays homage to a great comedy. I agree a sequel would have be cool. Perhaps, Uncle Willie still pining after Lois or maybe George trying to marry a grown up Dinah(after all he is a social climber.)Anyway, this piece was great fun to read!

    1. Hi, Gilby!
      So glad you stopped by.
      I enjoyed your ideas for the sequel. I can actually see, George going after an adult Dinah.


  9. Your irreverence is infectious. It makes me feel like putting on tweed and wrestling someone to the ground.

    While I get a kick out of the Mrs. Danvers connection, I really think Virginia did a great job blending in with the slapstick style of the grownups. Most screen kids tended to be too wooden or too precocious, and I think except for Hal Roach, most directors didn't know what to do with them. Virginia's not cute or precious here, she's just as much a nutball as everybody else. And she looks like she's having a great time.

    1. Jacqueline,
      I thought Virginia was perfect for the precocious sister too. I can't think of any child actress of that time to replace her or do a better job.

      You probably caught my convo with Ivan and Becks on Twitter where we were teasing him about Virginia.

      Thanks for getting through this one. It was at times, tedious, I admit.

    2. She was also magnificent in "Young Tom Edison"! Maybe modern day kid actors should watch her movies to learn what child acting really is about.

    3. Matt,
      Thanks for pointing out Virginia's performance in that film. She really was a good actress. There were so many 'child stars' that stole films and regardless of what Ivan says, I thought Shirley was brilliant and such a hard worker. Dickie Moore was great too.

      Of course, Jackie Coogan will always have a special place in my heart. I can't watch "The Kid" without crying and I'm not one to cry during films.

  10. I'm sure I'm going to get kicked out of the CMBA for this admission, but I don't like "The Philadelphia Story." Never have, never will. But I loved your post, so if the film did any good, it inspired one of your best posts.

    1. Kevin,
      We all have a certain film that we don't like that others just go gaga over. I love that you don't care for it. Kate is hard to take for me at times. Some of her films with Tracy, I just want to claw my face to get through them. ha ha

      You know how much I don't like musicals which seems to be a favorite genre for many of our friends but they still tolerate and embrace me. : )

      So glad you took the time to read this review anyway and that you enjoyed it. That means a lot!

  11. Page, this was entertaining. Loved the comments about the fox and raccoon. Oh, and of course all your snarks about Jimmy and Kate's weight--the one shadow line was priceless.

    1. Kim,
      It's funny because I didn't realize how very thin Kate was until I had to pause the film a million times to get photos. WOW, she was tiny. I don't know how Stewart could carry her around though. They both look like they needed IV fluids just to climb stairs. ha ha

      The one thing about doing photo reviews is, as many times as you see a good film, you start to notice interesting things in the background like those animal hides among other things. Then the scenery that so obviously is green screen.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the compliments.

  12. Page, Love your take on the film "The Philadelphia Story". Now, watching the film, will never be the same.. LOL.. Love the "hung over" wedding cake..

    1. Dawn,
      As I've mentioned in other comments, there was so much fun stuff to snark on when giving TPS a closer look. It really is a funny movie, so trying to add even more humor was quite the task. I really did want to just scratch this entry then try another film but I'm glad I didn't give up.

      Knowing that you found it funny makes me feel a lot better about it. Thanks for getting through it as it's quite long.
      I hope you see Judith in Dinah the next time you watch it too. : )


  13. "The Philadelphia Story" is one of my favorite movies. Great post. Love the running commentary, very funny!!

    1. Hi, Art!
      So glad you enjoyed my take on the film. There's so much to love about it and getting to review it this way was a lot of fun.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope to see you back soon.

    2. Page, I visit often. Never took the time to comment before... Love your site. Great stuff!! :)

  14. Page, you are the best. I could never understand why this movie receives the accolades it does, and your overview is the best I've ever read, period, on this movie. Well done!

    1. SS,
      You're very sweet!
      I think I'll stick with bad films though, ripping good ones is nerve racking. I worry about getting rotten tomatoes thrown my way so I'm glad you got a kick out of my take here.

      Thanks so much!

  15. Page, once again you had Vinnie and me laughing out loud! While THE PHILADELPHIA STORY is most certainly a classic comedy, that doesn't mean it can't take some sassy yet good-natured ribbing. My throat is still sore from laughing over your hilarious bon mots, especially Virginia Weidler as "Danvers Jr." This was a great choice for the Fabulous Films of the 1940s Blogathon! Happy trailers! :-D

    1. Hi, Dor!
      I'm so glad Vinnie joined you in reading this review instead of running through the house to check on you after you started your laughing fits. ha ha

      I'm so glad you and others approve of my taking a few swipes at TPS. I'm quite fond of the film as I've mentioned but it's fun to have a laugh or two even if it's at the expense of Queen Kate. : )

      I so appreciate your kind compliments and thanks so much for stopping by.


  16. Page, this was a great review! Though I really liked THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, I think it's kind of overrated when you compare it to BRINGING UP BABY. I was sort of disappointed that the former didn't have as many laughs as I expected. Those laughs were thankfully delivered in your LOL hilarious review, especially Virginia Weidler as "Danver Jr." (If only the movie was a murder mystery with the girl being the muderer, and George being bumped off. Just kidding!) Thank you for this amazing addition to the Fabulous films of the 1940s!

    1. Matt,
      Yes, Bringing Up Baby will always be at the top of my list for funniest in this genre. I much prefer Grant and Hepburn's performance there. Cary just wasn't given funny or memorable lines in this one. It was all Stewart but that's okay. Jimmy was pretty funny here and it was big of Grant to take a back seat for a change.

      I'm so glad you found this review entertaining as it's a bit tricky to rip on a film that so many are fond of.

      Over all it's been a really fun Blogathon.

  17. Love this post Page! Philadelphia Story is one of my favorite classic comedies! I LOVE the stills you have of the film and the humorous captions! Do you want to hear something funny? My mom looked like Katharine when she was very young, and my dad looked like her paramour, Spencer Tracey. Every time I see a film with either one, or when they are together in a film I think of my parents. Anyway just thought I'd share that. The many stills you have of Katharine reminded me so much of my mom. And, no one, and I mean no one could wear a pants suit like Katharine. She was way ahead of her day. She looked so grand in those suits! This fashion slave has been all over town trying to get a nice suit like that. :D Thank you for making LOL!

    1. Bacall,
      Thanks so much for sharing this info about your mom. That's so sweet! It's hard to carry off a pant suit but Hepburn did it well. She was so tall and obviously quite slender. (I guess Dietrich should be given her props for this style too as she was the first to get this fashion going.)

      I'm glad you enjoyed the screen grabs I chose. There were over 100 but luckily I edited so now there are about 95. lol Yes, you got through that many. : )

      I appreciate your very kind comments.

  18. So much fun, as always! The Philadelphia Story is a favorite, so it's great to see it get your photo review treatment. Jimmy is such a fine fellow, even if he is a bit skinny :)

    1. Angel,
      Thanks so much for the comments. I do think Jimmy was hilarious in this film. He was certainly given the best lines and his performance was Oscar worthy. I found him quite handsome actually. I don't mind his being rail thing. I've wondered why he didn't have a couple of scenes in a bathing suit since Kate did. That would have been something to see. ha ha


  19. Oops! Rail THIN. I wanted to say too, that Roland Young was such a great character actor that he makes any film better with his presence.

  20. Great job Page! I especially loved your "Just picture a miniature version of Judith Anderson in Rebecca” comment. i love the film too!

    1. Hi, John!
      So glad you enjoyed my photo review. It seems to be a favorite but then I do love that others aren't too keen on it.

      That, Virginia, she gave me a lot to work with. ha ha

  21. Page,

    Endlessly entertaining snark-fest on one of the best romantic comedies ever made. Love the pics too!

    Always a pleasure to visit!


    1. Aurora,
      Always glad to see you here! : )
      I'm glad you enjoyed this snarky look at a very good film. I just wish Cary had been given funnier lines. Although, Stewart handled the best lines like a pro. I wish he had been given many more comedic leads like this one. There aren't many actors who can give Grant a run for his money in that department.

  22. Very funny as always, Page - love these caption snarkfests of yours, it's such a fresh, unique was to construct a film review post! Pleased to see you apparently think as little of Katherine Hepburn's character as I do. How that cold fish got 3 men to fall for her I have no idea. That said, the entire film is one big Tracy Lord smackdown, so it evens out. Hepburn is fine in an unsympathetic part, but for my money Grant emerges the best as the calm, sane center in the storm of insanity. This movie is so well done that even when the characters are working my last nerve in all their irritating glory, I still can admire its artistry.

    1. Jeff,
      It's good to see so many weren't too keen on Kate and her character or even Kate in general. ha ha (A great actress but she was hard to take at times.) Her voice and just that superior attitude.)

      Thank you for the very kind compliments. So glad you got a kick out of my unique take on the film.

  23. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date --- reading your piece. But even though I'm late, I probably laughed harder than anyone! You know I love your snarks, and I particularly love them when it's a movie I have never been able to stand. Yes, it's true, I don't like The Philadelphia Story. I love everybody in it, but I don't like the story or the movie. Just too much rich bitch stuff for me -- your remarks about Hepburn's teeth and figure had me rollling! I loved " These outdoor sets are like The Truman Show." What a great way to describe it, right on the money and really funny. One of your best, Page, and so much fun to read!

    1. My favorite person in the world can be late if she wants to be! If I had known you were coming I would have put down the red carpet and summoned Ivan to play the bugle though. Only the best for Your Higney! : )

      Thanks for the sweet comments, Becks. I know of everyone you get my sense of humor and I'm glad that I can count you in the 'not head over heels in love with Kate' column when it comes to her comedies. ha ha

      Good to see you back!

  24. Oh, oh, my last comment failed to appear here. Anyway, this was another witty review with images. I love Virginia Weidler in this film, the young sister in High Society doesn't getnear her. And, of course, Ruth's hats, that themselves would give subject to a whole post with Shirley Temple.

    1. Le,
      So glad you enjoyed my take on this very entertaining film.
      Always a treat to get your opinions.


  25. I love this film! Watching Philadelphia Story is one of my earliest classic film memories :) My dad was out of town and my mom, sister and I all watched it together.
    Though everyone in this cast is perfect, I'll admit my favorite in this film is Virginia Weidler. May I boldly say that I believe she stills the scenes she is in?
    The scene where she comes in with her ballet shoes is hilarious!
    Wonderful post :)

  26. I'm many months late, but this was quite enjoyable. Virginia Weidler is a hobby (obsession) of mine and I think you capture the spirit perfectly.

    Hepburn often remarked how lucky they were to have gotten Ginny and how she had to avoid looking at her during the scenes because just looking Virginia's way would make Hepburn break up.

    Cary Grant was also quoted as saying that everyone else in the film was trying so hard to one up each other and all Virginia had to do was spin the yo-yo and the scene was hers.

    We discuss Virginia Weidler every day, and even snark a bit, at:

    Please drop by!