Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Oh my word! When I signed up to do Classic Movie Man's Val Lewton Blogathon a few weeks ago I didn't realize it was taking place on Halloween. Of course I signed on to write about A Star Is Born. Not very scary! Okay, sometimes Fredric March's eyebrows are a bit scary. With that said, nobody wants to cry on Halloween unless it's a few tears from being scared to bits.

I've already screen grabbed the film to do one of my photo reviews but I'll post it in a couple of days. There are quite a few horror films being covered in the Blogathon today that can be found by clicking the link HERE. A real treat for anyone who loves a good scare and excellent articles by my fellow bloggers.

While I'm here let's have a look at some of our favorite stars getting into the Halloween spirit.

The only thing scary here is Marguerite Chapman possibly bending over to far to retrieve another pumpkin.

Scary only because the studio couldn't afford a decent copy of Dracula for Pier Angeli to read. 

Scary that Esther Williams would attempt pumpkin carving in a bathing suit while sitting in hay. 

Eva Gabor says "Hey look at me, over here in the hay with my cat that looks like it just went through a leaf blower. Does this blouse make me look sexy?" I'm frightened! Anyone else?

Rosalind Russell. Nothing scary here other than Ava Gardner will probably claw her eyes out the moment she climbs down from that pumpkin for looking so gorgeous. Meeooww Hiisss!

Martha Vickers has fallen into the category of 'sexy witch'. I wish just once these old celebs had gone all out and done something scary. Get in there and throw a wart on your face, cover your legs to the knee. 

Lillian Wells showing her range with her scared face. Yes, that cat is frightening!

See! This is how you do scary. Joan Crawford attempts blonde vamp. No costume required. Just the desire to be Mae West for a day. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe one.


  1. Oh, Joan crawfor, you weren't born to be a blonde! :)
    I'll be waiting fot your A Star is Born review, it is my favorite film EVER!

  2. Um... Joan Crawford as a platinum blonde?? You're right - that does belong on a list of scary things!

  3. Never knew that Rosalind Russell did cheesecake. What a photo! Great pics, Page, as always.