Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here's Your 4th of July Firecrackers!

Dedicated to our troops who risk their lives for our freedom. You're in our thoughts every day and this Independence Day.

Joan Blondell salutes Lady Liberty.

Dawn Wells shows off her Patriotism.

Dorothy Arnold dazzles us with those gams.

Gloria DeHaven raises her flag.

Ellen Drew with a glamorous approach to Independence Day.

Rita Hayworth is ready to celebrate on the beach with her over sized firecracker. Of  course it would take a fireworks display that big to not have all eyes on Rita.

Ava Gardner pays tribute to our Armed Forces.

Ann Millers shows us you just need an over sized Uncle Sam hat and some appliqued stockings to show your patriotism.

Jayne Mansfield opts for another of her signature sexy bathing suits. Work it Jayne!

Vera Miles is armed and dangerously sexy!

Barbara Eden shows us how it's done in the 60's.

Marie Wilson lights up the room and I'm sure she'll get plenty of salutes for that outfit.

Marilyn Monroe gives Betty Grable a run for her money as she warns us about what lies ahead. It is dangerous to look that good!

Mae West glams up Lady Liberty.

Have a safe but fun 4th of July holiday everyone!


  1. This is fantastic! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your lovely space here. Just added to favorites....

  2. Wonderful classic pics. Love them!!!

  3. Oh, I haven't realised that 4th of July is tomorrow! For me, the greatest milestone to com in July is James Cagney's birthday two weeks from now. What a shame... And I watched Force of Evil just yesterday, and everyone in the movie was betting in 776 in the 4th of July lottery.
    Here the Independence Day is September 7th, and for sure I would love to have Ava Gardner celebrating in one of our beaches!

  4. Wonderful 4th of July pictures of the classic ladies!! Happy 4th of July!!

  5. Oh, Dawn Wells is so cute! But Page, can you tell me how she got those go-go boots on the Island???

  6. Mae West is fabulous as a "glam" Lady Liberty.