Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Chill Out!

Just chill out and by that I mean stay cool while having fun whatever your summer activities include.  Here where I am we deal with constant 100 plus degree days so unless I'm in the pool or sitting out in the yard on a block of ice I just can't stand the heat. I don't run in the summer although my neighbors do which is their business and their physicians. Yep, I'm a bit jealous that they can still do their usual 5 miles without breaking much of a sweat or even reach a pulse rate over 100.  And when I want to be bad I'll get on my elliptical in my nice cool house with the curtains open while they run by looking all miserable like they just bit in to a bowl of habanero peppers soaked in kerosene.

Well enough of my whining but since I'm here on my laptop where it's cool we might as well have another look  at some Hollywood beauties enjoying the summer sun. Oh, I guess you thought Gene Kelly would have his little article up but guess what? I haven't forgotten about Gene at all and I promise to give him his due along with other stars very soon so stay tuned.  I do have one excuse though, the Corman Blogathon. I was honored with a Bloggers Choice Award by my fellow reviewers and it was great fun.

If there's anyone left on the internet reading this that hasn't signed up for Nathanael's next Blogathon on 50's Monster Flicks then get on over there and claim your film. The site is Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear  Oh, one last thing, if you are just going over there to get more info or you haven't decided to sign up be warned that Nate is very persuasive and you won't leave there without committing to a Blogathon for the next two years.  Brandi over at True Classics is also hosting a very fun Blogathon in August on Lucille Ball so please click on the Blogathon banner on the side bar and get signed up for that one too.

Ann Rutherford expecting us all to believe that she actually hangs out at the pool in heels.

Betty Grable looks like she's having a blast. Just watch yourself Betty! I can't count the times I've stubbed my toes on pool steps while trying to exit gracefully.

Carole Lombard has one of the sweetest loungers I've ever seen and by the look on her face she knows it. 

Poor Esther Williams. She has to get her umbrella set up all by herself. With a body like that she should have men swarming to help.

Ginger Rogers is someone I would never invite to one of my pool parties for obvious reasons. Looking that pulled together just isn't right in my neighborhood. 

Rhonda Fleming is smart enough to pose under some shade. I think we found out where Dorothy Lamour's Road film outfits ended up. I hope you got a bargain Rhonda.

Vera Miles is adorable in polka dots.

Errol Flynn gets some time on the court  and he's never looked more handsome. (I try to throw an Errol photo in for Becky any time I can and of course all of you other gals)

Sophia Loren and her curves looking shipwrecked in more ways than one. 

For all of you Betty Grable fans, she looks just as good on skates as she does in the pool! I'd like to see her navigate roller blades on an uneven sidewalk.

Here's hoping everyone is staying cool and having fun.  Please share your favorite summertime activities or better yet the ones you avoid due to the insufferable heat.



  1. Aren't they just the cutest? They are all beautiful (though a photo of Errol in a bathing suit would have been appreciated)!

  2. I love your title, Page *winking as best I can right now*. What gorgeous bathing suits these ladies have, and what figures to show them off. I love the picture of Errol in his tennis whites! FlickChick, I don't think I could survive a picture of him in his bathing suit!

  3. FlickChick and Becky,
    I was just going to tell FlickChick that if I were to post a pic of Errol in a bathing suit that Becky would come over here and stare the sepia right off of it. I may have to ease Becky in to it with a pic of Errol in a pair of shorts or tights then go from there. Ha Ha
    Stay cool ladies. Becky 'winking back at ya'

  4. I love these! Make me feel sorta bad about myself time to start jogging! jk

    The one of Betty on skates is adorable, I've never seen it before! I really think Ann Rutherford was a knock out too. I think she gets over looked sometimes. Andy Hardy was a doofus for playing around while dating her!

  5. Jn,
    I agree that Ann was a beauty and Esther with that perfect body but then again she spent so much time in the pool that there's no wonder.

    Good to see you here again.

  6. Page, these vintage pix of Hollywood stars making a splash were a treat! By the way, if anyone here is looking for a fab-looking 1940s-style swimsuit with modern fabrics, by all means check out Lands' End. I got a one-piece Esther Williams-style teal-colored suit last year, and it's still in great shape and making me feel all glam even when I'm literally swimming my tush off in our local pools! :-)

  7. Love the post page! Can’t wait for your queer blogathon post! Just got mine up! Haven't talked in forever! Hope all is well! Are you over your illness? Why am I using so many explanation points?!

  8. Dorian,
    That's great info! I'm going to go see if I can find one. I bought a Michael Kors one piece last year that very retro looking but I've been wanting another one for every day swimming.

    I'm sorry but I asked over a month ago to be removed from that Blogathon. I will run over and check out your post though.


  9. I love these old photos - it's great to see stars looking more natural, and.. oh, Errol. Wow, look at that smile.... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, how can Carole, Ginger and Esther especially look so relaxed and glamorous at the same time, it's so unfair... oh, his hair is perfect. Yeah, my mind has gone blank. I'm going to go stare at Errol some more. Like he needs to work out...