Monday, April 28, 2014

Hollywood Enjoys Springtime Weather. Get Our Your Best Sundress and Espadrilles.

It's time to have another look back at our favorite stars as they posed and tried their best to show us they were out enjoying the Spring weather like the rest of us commoners.

Betty Grable gets swimsuit ready by putting some time in at the gym while looking most stylish. Can you imagine the looks you would get if you showed up at Golds Gym in this sweet little ensemble? 

Don Ameche heads out to his lawn to practice his golf swing. (I'm sure this wasn't a photo op at all! Who doesn't don all white to hang out in their backyard?)

A young Ann Miller is adorable in her polka dot jumper as she enjoys an ice cream cone next to large palms. (How long did it take the publicity department to think up this scenario? If you hide behind a ginormous tropical plant, is eating sweet treats okay?)

Constance Moore shows off her perfect figure, poolside. (If anyone deserved an ice cream cone it was her!)

Joan Crawford and husband, Doug Fairbanks Jr enjoy an outdoor game of backgammon.  (Willing to bet Doug allowed Joan to win every time. No reason to ruin a good photo op or honeymoon bliss.)

Ellen Drew looks great in her cover up. 

A young, Jayne Mansfield heads outdoors for a bit of exercise. (This is a lot of clothes for Jayne!)

Mary Martin gardens in short, shorts and wedge sandals. Don't try this at home! Especially if you're planting roses or working on uneven surfaces.

Ann Sheridan discovers her backyard for the first time and from the looks of it, the sun. (I hope the photographer was ready with some sunscreen. You can't scorch your studio's big stars on their day off.)

Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker enjoy a picnic with the boys. (They were stylish but also a healthy couple. This is the first time I've seen a picnic consisting of a bottle of orange juice, a couple of apples and a sad little orange. I can only imagine what's in the canned good is strained prunes or some spinach.)

Regardless if you're gardening in heels, sneaking behind a palm to enjoy an ice cream cone or just lounging by your pool at your vast estate, I do hope you're enjoying your Spring.
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  1. Now I'd need to sneak behind a palm... to hide from the cold! I loved the picture of Betty Grable, and also Ann Miller. Lovely ladies. Oh, and I wish Joan and Doug could teach me how to play backgammon...

  2. Annie's jump suit and that robe on Ellen Drew just made my day. Made me a wee bit jealous as well. Ah, spring!

  3. Well Page, its back in the high 80s in So. Cal. again, so the shorts and espadrilles are definitely in order. But just so you know, that was gin in Robert Walker's thermos.

  4. I want to borrow Annie's jumpsuit and Ellen's robe. Okay. I wish I could borrow Annie's jumpsuit. Once upon a time I could have worn that.

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