Sunday, January 13, 2013

When Fur Was Fabulous: Part 3

It's time to have another look at our favorite classic stars, strutting their stuff in fur.

Mary Pickford, setting sail on one of her European Cruises.

Lana Turner glows in all white.

Eleanor Powell looks like she's ready to take on Everest from the knees up!

Ann Sothern opts for fur trim over her gorgeous, beaded gown.

I don't have any words for Lucille Ball and this distracting get up. It's hideous from head to glove!

Nancy Kelly shows off her massive fur and matching hat. 

Brenda Marshall opts for a stylish vest. (Less is more, Lana!)

Sylvia Sidney stuns in her fur stole.

Carole Lombard, pretty in mink.

Mabel Normand stops to pose with her furry friend. (Not sure what kind of varmint that is.)

Bette Davis means business with that collar.

Loretta Young is flawless!

Corinne Griffith is a beauty in her chinchilla coat. 

Ava Gardner opts for some strange fur sleeves. (I wouldn't want her skinny elbows to get cold!)

You can't have a fur post without the fabulous, Marylin Monroe. She looks radiant here and happy.

Well, that's enough fur for today. The sun is beating down on my back right now. Please leave a comment on your favorite or what you think of these fashionable ensembles.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
See ya soon!


  1. Judging by the expression on Lucille Ball's face, I'd say she agrees with you about her hideous get-up.

    Your comment about Eleanor Powell made me laugh out loud. Nearly choked on my sandwich! :)

    1. SS,
      I almost put that! By Lucy's face she isn't too thrilled with that awful getup. What in the world? She looks miserable or her netting is pulled too tight in the rear. Ha Ha

      Thanks for stopping by! Love these old fashion photos with fur.

  2. Very glamourous these photos, the Hollywood style at the best.

  3. Ann Sothern, Carole Lombard and Loretta Young are my favorites! Bette Davis certainly does look imposing with that collar, not to mention the look on her face! Lucy -- horrible is the only word! And Mabel Normand holding that ratty-looking stole with the head! I never liked the furs with all the heads and little feet -- creepy! As always, this is fun, Page!

  4. I'd need some fur here, since it's being raining a lot and ruining our summer. And Lana sure should learn that less is more. What about Ava's sleeve fur? I've never seen anything like that!
    By the way, I'll follow an advice you gave on Twitter and watch "Hatfields & McCoys". The episodes will air this week.

  5. Looks like Mabel, is caring around road kill. :(

  6. How can I email you?

  7. Lucy's fur coat looks like the one Alec Guinness wore in "The Fall of the Roman Empire" and that's not too much of an exaggeration.

  8. What I love about Lana is that it looks like she's just relaxing around the house ... in an enormous fur bathrobe. Fluffy fur slippers is all that's missing from the ensemble.

  9. Hey Page - I was hoping for a photo of how the real movie stars wore their furs i.e Joan Crawford making an entrance by dragging her fur on the ground behind her. Still, I liked your photos anyway.

  10. Page, I know some folks aren't happy about fur, but here in Northeastern Pennsylvania where it's 20 degrees outside and the wind is howling, your furry fashion pictorial is fine by me, Lucille Ball's spider-web look notwithstanding! :-) Fun post as always!