Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sizzling Hot!

With this heat the only photos I can even stand to look at right now are our favorite classic stars on the beach or out wearing swimwear. Regardless of where any of my readers are, I know it's hot so lather on some sunscreen, grab your favorite umbrella drink and let's dive right in.

Ann Miller stays cool poolside.

Ava Gardner shows off those gorgeous legs while she enjoys a summer treat. Yes, we know it's hot Ava!

Carole Lombard looks flawless even while sailing.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr enjoys a day at his Santa Monica beach house. 

Ginger Rogers shows that her beach house is just as fab. Loving her swim cap!

Debbie Reynolds stay cool and looks so cute in her one piece.

Frank and Nancy Sinatra have some fun with the little one on a hot summer day.

Marilyn Monroe relaxes in the sun. What a bombshell!

Lana Turner looks like she's having a great time on the beach. (Okay, the black heels probably weren't the best choice)

Elizabeth Taylor cools off after a dip in the ocean. 

Jayne Mansfield relaxes in the pool at her pink palace. 

If I left out Rita Hayworth a certain person wouldn't be happy. You get a twofer Kev. Rita and a giant sea shell.

I've had a lot going on here lately but I want my readers to know that I'm back and I do apologize for my absence lately. I appreciate you all and thanks for your patience while things get back to normal.

Stay cool everyone and see ya soon!


  1. Thanks, Page. You've made me very happy with the Rita photo.

    Got a big chuckle out of your Lana Turner black heels comment.

  2. I was really missing your posts, Page!
    My favorite photos are the ones with Carole and Ava. And Ginger's house is so astonishing!

  3. All are great! But I admit that Rita Hayworth (of course), Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are my favorite! I like your comment for Lana Turner.

  4. Simply adored Ann and Debbie's suits.

  5. Page, The shot of gorgeous Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in swim trunks reminded me of a picture I saw recently of Tyrone Power at the beach or by the pool...anyway, he wasn't wear much and looked delectable.

  6. I want Ginger Rogers' beach house!

  7. I really like the photo of Elizabeth Taylor. She looks natural and not quite so posed. Some very cute swimwear here!

  8. I LOVE these photos! I'm curious what your sources are? I'm currently working on a web series called "Vintage Hollywood" and am on the look out for stellar visuals.