Saturday, February 4, 2012

Milliners Invade Hollywood: Part Five

It's time to have a look at our Classic stars in fabulous hats. Shirley is here to co-host but she's boycotting clothes today so she's here in pajamas.  Let's get started, shall we?

Anne Nagel is stunning in her turban. Shirley: I'm suspicious! "I think she's a spy and that umbrella is some kind of weapon."  Did you watch "Notorious" again last night?  

I just love Arlene Judge's daisy hat. Don't you Shirley?  Shirley:  "It needs a propeller!"

Anna May Wong is a beautiful with or without a hat.  Shirley: "She is hiding fortune cookies up there!"  Okay, let's keep it moving.

Carole Lombard in straw today.  Shirley: "She wants Clark Gable to think she's outdoorsy but you don't work on the farm in gold bangles!  It's a hazard."  You're very observant and like a Girl Scout...Saving lives, one misguided actress at a time!

Louise Brooks is beyond adorable today.  Shirley:  "I stole a flat iron to try to do my hair like hers but I looked like Dietrich in "Blonde Venus" when I got finished."  I'm sure you aren't the first to try to pull off Brook's bob only for it to end in disaster!

Joan Fontaine is very pretty in her flowery hat.  Shirley: "It is pretty now but wait until she goes outside.  She'll be bed ridden with bee stings."  

Ida Lupino is very fashionable today.  Shirley:  "That's the Loretta Young look!"..."Clark Gable better run and hide!"   I think your studio handlers need to keep a closer eye on you.

What do you think of Anita Page?  Shirley:  "I thinks she's asking for it."  Asking for what?  Shirley: "Being attacked by spider monkeys!"

Vivien Leigh is always fashionable.  Shirley: "Did you know she poisoned 30 actresses to get Gone With the Wind?"  That's not true Shirley.  Where did you hear that?  Shirley: "I read it on the wall of the ladies bathroom over at MGM!"  OH! By any chance was it Paulette Goddard's handwriting?  Shirley: "No, but it could have been Olivia de Havilland."  Makes sense!

Billie Seward is cute as a button.  Shirley: "She might want to change before she gets sued by Buster Brown!"  

Bette Davis is cute in her beret.  Shirley:  "When you smoke you don't have any friends, not even Joan Crawford!"...."You're left all alone to hang out with lava rocks!"  

Shirley, what do you think of Carmen Miranda?  Shirley: "How much is Walt Disney paying her to advertise for his amusement parks?"  

Well, we got through another round although I'm pretty certain Shirley will be hearing from de Havilland's attorney.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. 


  1. You know, Shirley is in need of a good time out! However, I have to agree with her about Joan Fontaine - kinda looks like one of those Chia Pets! Thanks for the smiles, Page!

  2. Always entertaining reading Shirley's thoughts. However, I wouldn't put the poisoning above Leigh.

  3. Louise Brooks, looks beautiful in her hat!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dawn. I thought Lombard looked adorable in that straw hat too. Not sure Brooks was capable of taking a bad photo. Do you?

  4. I love the days before skeletal actresses - these are some great shots. Beautiful gals