Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun In The Sun: Part 1

With summer approaching and all of us itching to have some time off to enjoy the outdoors I thought it would be fun to do a series on our favorite stars playing in the sun during their time off.  So grab your sunscreen and your favorite beach wear so we can get started.

Fernando Lamas enjoying some pool time.

Dorothy Sebastian having a bit of fun in the sand.

 Carole Lombard looking flawless while enjoying a cigarette by the pool.

Joan Crawford lounging around her backyard pool.

Frances Farmer enjoying some quiet time by her pool.

Grace Kelly getting ready for a dip.

Jane Russell turning heads as she gets ready to have a relaxing day by the pool.

Jayne Mansfield doing some reading on the beach.

Rita Hayworth enjoying some quiet time on the beach.

Mary Martin enjoying some pool time.

Sophia Loren and her curves at the beach.

Betty Grable showing  off those perfect legs again.

Carole Landis stunning all in white.

I hope all of my readers are getting time to enjoy this beautiful weather even if you aren't riding rubber dinosaurs or frolicking in the sand on a beautiful beach.  I'm working on a special post so stay tuned.  
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Hmmmm, the ladies look lovely, but Fernando shouldn't have them ALL to himself!

  2. Hey Page! I was just finishing that Josephine Baker super-mega-post (super-mega-post for me, at any rate) when I noticed that you had a new Post up. Because your posts are so cool and fun, I knew I had to go check it out. I love the gals and their swimsuits, and I desperately want the one piece to swing back into style. just wanted to say hi, cuz I havent posted in a while (I could explain, but Its long and boring and already on my blog, so Ill spare you).
    Keep blogging,

  3. Love this post! I want these bathing suits!

  4. FlickChick,
    They look so lovely that I want to fast for 10 days then eat celery for the next 2 months! Sigh I'm glad you stopped by.

    I have missed you and now that your wonderful post on Josephine is done I hope you can go back and read our Blogathon reviews. You missed a great 3 days of blogging.

    Thank you for stopping by. I love our beautiful and tasteful stars in these candids. Now that I'm in my 40's I've transitioned into one pieces but sadly none of them look like these. Ha Ha
    They were delightful.

  5. I don't see what's so special about Carole Lombard's picture -- I always dress and look like that when I sit by my pool -- of course, the pool is inflatable and has pictures of SpongeBob and Patrick all over it, but let's not nitpick. (Wow she was gorgeous -- I'm with you, it's celery all the way!)

  6. Love the Francis Farmer photo. Never thought I'd see a swimsuit and a babushka together.

  7. Becks,
    You crack me up! I wish I lived closer so I could come over and hang out in your inflatable pool while sipping Manhattans. : )

    I adore Francis and her beauty was something very mesmerizing. Her tragic story breaks my heart. I love the movie "Francis" and I've seen it over and over. Jessica Lange is my favorite working actress and she did such a great job in the film. It was almost as good as her performance as Patsy Kline in "Sweet Dreams".


  8. Page: I like Lange too. Think she's tremendous. I was very pleased to see she had taken the Barbara Stanwyck role in the big screen version of "The Big Valley." I hope it gets a theatrical release and doesn't go straight to DVD. I'll be there opening night for that one.

  9. Kevin,
    I hadn't heard about The Big Valley coming to the screen. I've missed Lange and other than Grey Garden's I have missed seeing her in films these past few years.

    She does characters well so seeing her in Stanwyck's role would be fabulous.