Monday, November 8, 2010

Post suggestions.

I've been writing posts in no particular order and just scanning then blogging so if there is a certain celebrity from the silents to the 1940's that you want me to post on please let me know.  If I have their autograph I will be glad to post on them.  All input is appreciated and I may step away from just celeb blogging and do occasional photo recaps on certain great movies as we go along.

The movie clips on the sidebar will be updated every day or two to go along with each celebrity blog so please take the time to view them and enjoy..  I do tweet new posts on my Twitter timeline so feel free to follow me on Twitter via @NotSoAnnoyed if you want updates on new posts here.

I appreciate all of you coming back and sharing in the love that I have for old Hollywood and the personalities on celluloid that made it all possible.


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