Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking this good doesn't come easy! Sports and Leisure: Part 4

It's time for another look back at the fabulous stars of yesteryear and how they spent their down time relaxing or keeping fit.  Let's jump right in and see what those crazy kids were up to.

Mae West getting an upper body workout in while standing perfectly still.  (You have to love the old exercising gadgets even before infomercials).

Bob Hope enjoying his favorite pastime.  

Jeannette MacDonald lounging around her California pool (I'm thrilled to see high waisted shorts because that fashion statement does so much for a womans figure). Ha Ha

Audrey Hepburn having a relaxing day with a siesta on her patio.

Fernando Lamas enjoying a swim and making all of the young ladies swoon.

Joan Crawford posing on the beach  (Even her surf board was bigger and badder than anyone else's). Beautiful Joanie, watch out for sharks!

Marion Davies playing tennis at Hearst Castle 

Silent Screen siren Mary Nolan enjoying a cruise (Cruising attire certainly has gotten a bit more casual since the 1920's).

Claire Trevor relaxing at her Santa Monica beach house.

Tyrone Power catching up on his tanning. Don't forget to turn Buttercup!

Jon Hall rowing his way into another 'Island picture'.

Errol Flynn and wife Lili Damita enjoying a night out at the fights (Well, he's enjoying himself).

Barbara Stanwyck playing tennis.

Hopefully this will inspire you to dust off your exercise equipment or plan a day out in the sunshine or if nothing else, it will encourage you to discard those high waisted pants and archaic exercise gadgets.   : )

Have a beautiful day,


  1. These are great. I get a kick out of seeing the old exercise equipment 'contraptions' people used.

  2. Audrey,
    I think my mother owned every last one of those crazy exercise gadgets. My favorite was the gigantic belt machine that shook you silly and made you want to hurl! The best part was how I stubbed my toe on it a million times because it was always out in the way somewhere. lol Good times!

  3. I LOVE this post, Page. Wowie wow wow -- I never thought Mae West NEEDED an upper body workout -- what a woman! I thought I was going to pass out with that picture of Tyrone Power. But, then I saw my real honey, Errol Flynn, and I forgot Tyrone completely -- Lili Damita does look rather sour, doesn't she?

    Oh, and I think exercise equipment is a wonderful thing to have around the house -- my exercise bicycle has lots of good hanging space for my clothes...

  4. Becky,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this one and that I could provide you with your 'eye candy'. I'll have to give you enough time to get smelling salts before I do my Errol Flynn post! I've got some gorgeous pics of him. He was perfection.
    Mae West intrigues me to no end! Her figure is hard to describe. Short at 5'1 (my height) she wore those long dresses with the trains to appear taller but she really did have a nice curvy figure. I'm still hoping to find good pics of her dressed casually in pants and her hair not done to high heaven for a post on her. There will never be another one like her thats for sure.