Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm not ready for my closeup! Part 5

I think it's time to have another look at the stars behind the camera so lets jump right in and see what those talented thespians were up to between scenes.

Bette Davis looking fabulous on the set of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" 1962

Boris Karloff relaxing on the set of "Frankenstein" 1931

Hedy Lamarr and Cecille B. DeMille on the set of "Samson and Delilah" 1949

Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock on the set of  "North By Northwest" 1959 (Cary certainly was a tall drink of water next to Humpty Dumpty)

Ingrid Bergman getting into costume for "Saratoga Trunk" 1945 with Gary Cooper in the background

Janet Leigh getting her hair perfect

 John and Ethel Barrymore on the set of "Rasputin and the Empress" 1932

 Randolph Scott visiting John Wayne on the set of "Tall in the Saddle" 1944

Judy Garland and Jame Mason between takes of "A Star is Born" 1954

Kate Hepburn having her hair done and her hem altered (Obviously someone of her stature requires 3 assistants)

Lana Turner and Van Heflin on the set of  "The Three Musketeers" 1948

Linda Darnell getting in a little nap on the set of  "City Without Men" 1943

Rosalind Russell getting ironed out on the set of  "Craig's Wife" 1936

Madge Evans in hair and makeup

Thanks for joining me for another peak at the stars behind the camera. 
Until next time I hope you're catching plenty of classic films. 


  1. These posts are always fun. Thanks, Page!

    One question, though: is that Gene Kelly or Van Heflin pictured with Lana Turner on the set of 'The Three Musketeers'? It looks rather like the latter.

  2. I love the Darnell pic. She looks so happy to be getting some shut eye.

  3. Audrey,
    You are correct on the Lana pic! Thanks. I have two different pics from the movie and that is of Van. I'm glad you like these posts since I love these candids.

    Linda Darnell is adorable.
    It's always great seeing you here. I hope all is well with you.

  4. I love it..specially Linda Darnell having a nap!!:))And Frankenstein:))))

  5. I love how you can see Gary Cooper in the background of the Ingrid Bergman photo, getting his head wound touched up! That's on the set of "Saratoga Trunk," which I watched recently. :)


  6. Another fun one, Page! I thought ALL of the guys on The Three Musketeers look just dumb in those outfits and goatees, expecially Gene Kelly -- they are all so handsome, it's hard to believe they could look bad!

    Ingrid does not look happy to be touched up, but Rosalind Ruseell looks like she is enjoying having her butt ironed...LOL

    Bless her peapickin' little heart, Bette Davis seems to revel in looking hideous -- what a great dame. And of course Hedy Lamarr makes me sick as always -- no one should be that beautiful!

    Love your close-up series!

  7. Thank you Anita! : )

    I am so glad you recognized the film! I sat for over an hour trying to find which one it was and I was so into Ingrid and studying her costume that I totally missed Gary. I hope the film was good.

    When I was looking through photos I actually wondered to myself if Rosalind's iron was on low because that wouldn't be too comfortable having your rump steamed.

    Bette is a real mess in that photo! If you look at the larger view her mouth looks like a black oil spill. Poor Bette, always up for anything hoping for that last Oscar. Ha Ha

    I agree about Hedy. I've been going through photos of her in preparing to do a post on her and she really had a different look that made her stand out amongst so many other beautiful actresses. Perhaps I am just fond of the actresses with darker hair in a sea of bleach blondes.

    I'm also looking forward to doing a post on Loretta Young and Jeannette MacDonald too, since they are two women who I find simply stunning!

    Loretta had a such a flawless face! I have a beautiful photo of her framed with her autograph in a bedroom that my parents say is just creepy because she follows them around the room with those eyes! Ha Ha I doubt thats true but I have caught Gloria Swanson's photo following me around the room once or twice. (I think Gloria is just getting revenge since she's surrounded by so many beauties on that wall. (Oddly Gene Tierney is a row over from Gloria but she never causes a problem. I would imagine she would haunt anyone who walks by since she had so much practice as "Laura").

    I better stop before I scare myself since I have to sleep in that room with those dead icons.

  8. Page, I LOOOVE your blog, I'm a fan of old Hollywood and the glamour that was really there. I feel modern Holllywood is not that glamorous anymore. some times I attribute that to the magic of black and white :) or maybe the lack of plastic surgeries ;)
    Anyway, accept me as fan of your blog and very well done :).

  9. Hi Mmmm,
    Welcome aboard!
    Thanks for the nice comment. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog and commenting here.
    Please come back often.