Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Had Pets With Adorable Faces

A couple of months ago while I was doing a series on stars and their pets, Venus from They Had Faces sent me some great photos of silent stars with pets. I wandered off again with Blogathons, weird scary movie posts and life but I wanted to share these really nice photos with everyone. 

Brigitte Helm with her cute little doggie. I hope she brought a lint brush! Those dogs shed like crazy. (I really need her hat)

Buster Keaton relaxing on his lawn with a pretty cute best friend. Keaton really needs to smile. That constant frown is starting to give me the sads.

Clara Bow with a tiny friend. What's with the death grip Clara? It must be her first gift from Rex Bell.

Dolores Del Rio with a black cat for good luck. Of course with those jewels and that flawless face she doesn't need luck.

Dorothy Sebastian sharing the love. Or she's sitting by a curb selling puppies. 

Ginger Rogers with very obedient tennis mate. I just want to see how he holds the tennis racket.

Greta Garbo holding a pretty unfortunate looking little guy. It looks like a sea otter mated with a lemur. 

Harold Lloyd dancing on the beach. I think we now know where Marmaduke and Mandanas originated. And I'm sure they didn't draw any attention at the beach. 'snort'

Jean Harlow with what looks like Asta's parent. I just hope it doesn't turn into a "nasty little cur" (You guys know where that line came from)

Awwww! Joan Crawford. I'm shocked this photo saw the light of day with the dogs getting most of the attention. 

Josephine Baker with a dog that's getting ready to knee cap her friend. I think we've found the last existing Tasmanian Tiger. (If you haven't seen one look them up. The scariest animal I've ever seen)

Louise Brooks (I bet she's hiding a treat, that dog is well trained or he's spazzing out over her burlap sack dress)

Lupe Velez showing us why she got her nickname. At least she's not wearing a leopard coat because that would be AWKWARD!

Norma Talmadge looks thrilled to be posing with her pet.  Maybe it was trying to attack her tiny fur scarf so I should be more understanding. 

Olive Thomas has great taste in prop pets.

Pola Negri must have a lot of break-in's in her neighborhood. Why else would you have so many vicious looking dogs? Well, unless they're to sick on Nazimova.  RRROWWRR!

Tallulah Bankhead looks so happy but we all know that dog ate those gorgeous flowers within a few minutes and she was off bawling and drinking in a corner.

Rudolph Valentino. I can't hate on him, I mean look at those fabulous pants.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Stay tuned for a couple of star bio's before the upcoming Blogathons. And if you haven't signed up yet you can get more info on the sidebar. Thanks again for the fantastic pics Venus.


  1. You know how much I love "Pawsome Pet Pictures". My puppy Winslow, is drooling over Norma Talmadge's, fluffy pet.

  2. Hi Dawn, Hi Winslow!
    I found a dog just like that a few weeks ago that had it's back end shaved. It looked like a miniature lion and was so darn cute. We never did find the owner but she went to a good home.

  3. All those pics are incredible ... Great post and thanks to Venus again for the pics. I think Clara Bow is my favorite ...

  4. Hi Dave.
    Thanks for commenting. I hope to see you around and I hope you'll enjoy the archives.

  5. Love the Post! sorry I hadn't commented earlier, working on a "Morocco" post/review. Also, clarification on the greta and josephine pictures, greta is holding a lion cub (i couldn't tell what it was until I saw some other pictures) and Josie is walking her pet cheeta, chiquita (who was known to terrorize the orchestra pit when she escaped during Josies preformances). Love the post, and I am soo flattered that you were able to use my pictures. Your follower for life,

  6. I wondered what that was Josephine Baker had - it didn't look like any dog from Earth anyway. The orchestra had good reason to be terrified - you can't TAME a cheetah!

    I love Buster Keaton and his dog. They both have the same expression. And your picture of Harold Lloyd interested me mostly because of Harold. He was really cute without the trademark goggles!

    Loved your pics and funnies, Page!

  7. I think that dog of Josephine Baker's is her pet cheetah that she brought along everywhere with her! What an eccentric and divine lady she was! Also, Tallulah Bankhead had a pet lion that got so big she had to give it to the Bronx Zoo. I love all these gals. Thanks for this lovely post!
    Lara (from backlots--http://backlots.wordpress.com)

  8. Really funny post! I'm hoping to participate in that 50s monster blogathon thing. See you for that.

  9. Page, as always, your charmingly goofy (or should that be goofily charming? :-)) pictorial was a delight! I got a kick out of the various vintage celebrity pets and your captions, especially the ones about Harold Lloyd, Pola Negri, and Lupe Velez. Thanks for winding up my evening on a glamorous yet wacky note! :-)

  10. Venus and Backlots,
    Thanks so much for the great info on Baker. Of course that's a cheetah silly me. I know my first choice in pets would be a cheetah on a strong lease. Fabulous and eccentric stars. Thanks for stopping by Backlot, I look forward to checking out your site. Venus, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. You're such a sweetheart.

    I also thought Lloyd looked pretty darn handsome even though those old bathing suits give me the giggles. I'm glad you enjoyed this little post. Just don't run out and purchase a cheetah just to appear cool. Although you could use it to go down into the basement whenever you hear a strange noise.

    Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you're doing the Blogathon, it should be great fun. I hope to see you back here as well.

    Team B,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this silly little post. I have got to get over to your site and read your double feature post. I left you a comment on the Marnie post but forgot to mention your reading the Hush Hush review too, more fun with the young Bruce Dern. It's like a standing joke now.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments guys. I'll try to get another post up this weekend.

  11. What fabulous and unique photos. Love the theme and the way you so beautifully curated the collection. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. My favorite is the one of the Delores Rio and her handsome gentleman friend. Who needs fur stoles when you have an elegant companion?

  12. Hi Kiwi,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the pet post. There are several more of the pet series in my archives.
    I hope you'll come back and visit, post often.

  13. The Garbo photo is one of MGM's earliest photo-shoots by Don Gillum with their new star. They had no idea how to promote her to the public, so they made her pose next to a fully-grown lion (their mascot) as well as this smaller feline. The photo with the lion is a classic study in body language, as Greta was clearly unomfortable to be three feet away from an unchained lion, however docile it appeared to be at that moment.