Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day From My Love Of Old Hollywood

Today we celebrate all the wonderful moms out there and a few from the early days of Hollywood.

Betty Hutton shares a sweet moment in the pool with her daughter, Candice.

Jennifer Jones has a chat with her sons, Michael and Robert. Who look quite eager to hear what their glamorous mom has to say.

May McAvoy with her sweet angel, Patrick.

Rita Hayworth reads to daughter, Rebecca.

Toby Wing with her husband, Dick Merrill and their son, Ricky.

Deborah Kerr with her sweet daughter, Melanie.

Janet Leigh on set with her daughters, Kelly and Jamie Lee.

Jayne Mansfield and daughter, Jayne Marie share some quality time together.

A proud mom, Joan Bennett shows off her daughter, Stephanie's early steps.

Linda Christian gets hugs and kisses from her daughters, Romina and Taryn.

Rosalind Russell with her adorable son, Lance.

Suzy Parker sneaks some bonding time with her baby daughter, Dinah, on set.

Virginia Bruce with daughter, Susan.

Hedy Lamarr with hubby John Loder and their baby daughter, DeDe.

Dedicated to my own beautiful mother, Mearlene who I love dearly and to all the other moms out there on your special day. 



  1. Opps - that's not Jayne Mansfield and daughter, Mariska - Mariska was only 3.5 yrs when her mom died - this is Jayne Marie Mansfield. Jayne Marie was born in 1950 and was her first child of 5 of 'em! This is Mariska's half-sister.

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks! : )
      Have a great day.

  2. Lovely gallery as always, Page. My favorites were Joan Bennett and Linda Christian.
    All the best wishes to your mom :)

  3. Lovely pictures, Page. I especially like Roz Russell and her son.

  4. Jennifer Jones' sons look like they are impersonating Mom from THE SONG OF BERNADETTE.

  5. Charming pictures. I love babies! Even when they get taller than me, they're still my little sweeties.